Using GTC to vote on Gitcoin Proposals

We get a lot of questions from new stewards on how to use GTC to vote at Gitcoin. So I’m posting a quick guide here on how to use your GTC to vote on proposals.

Before anyone can vote, you must be delegated GTC!

You can delegate your GTC to yourself or to other stewards.
Please note that any staked GTC is not eligible for delegation.

How to delegate GTC to yourself

  • Go to Tally | Gitcoin
  • Connect your wallet containing GTC
  • Press “Delegate vote” button and select the option “Delegate to myself”
  • Confirm the transaction

How to delegate to another Steward

  • Go to
  • Choose a Steward and select “Delegate”
  • Connect your wallet containing GTC to the website
  • Confirm the transaction

You can check how much GTC has been delegated to you here: and search your name, ENS or wallet address.


I’m one of our new stewards, on the Stewards Council. Looking forward to working with the folks here and being a responsible proxy for whoever feels comfortable delegating their DTC to me.

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