User Registration - Github only? or add Web3 /Reddit etc

Gitcoin needs Github account - a single point of failure (not important), now more non-Devs such as community builders coming in, we should consider to add web3 login or Substack/Reddit?

Github can be a premium unlocking feature?


Also Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc - also used by folks pretty extensively.

I’d definitely recommend joining the Decentralize Gitcoin worksream here, totally agree on finding other login options over time:


Good part about Github is that it acts like screener for community members…if they have an account with them they are most likely developers and can contribute to the project vs. people who registered today and are solely in for airdrops (though I believe some great feedback can come from those as well).

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How about have a switch ‘display content from Github members only’, so allowing wider participation, but not overwhelm by ‘airdrop seeking’ - which I think won’t be a long term impact - no contribution no significant candy

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GitHub members who participate must be rewarded inorder to motivate them to participate more in the initiatives

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And that’s why its called open source…

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