URGENT! Please support Gitcoin/1Hive Trivia Dec 3rd!

The game takes place in the 1Hive Discord Server: 1Hive 🍯
After clicking through the rules scroll down and find the Cafe voice-channel. That is where all the action happens.

The gameplay happens on Kahoots.com: https://kahoot.it/
Simply wait for the game id# to be disclosed and enter it into the field.

I want to see hundreds of Gitcoiners show up and crash the server! Did I mention there will be airdrops and special prizes? Take a DAO-Mental Health day and come party with Gitcoin all day long. We have all sorts of big things going on from Meme-a-Palooza IV to Trivia. Come support your community please…poaps poaps poaps :grin: