University Research: calculating the effective total voting power

I am currently conducting university research on the decentralization of voting power in the Gitcoin DAO. As I have been reading through forum posts, I have noticed that Gitcoin places a strong emphasis on transparency and decentralization in regards to stewards’ voting power over time, especially in the posts of @owocki .

I am currently trying to understand how the “Voting Weight” is calculated for each steward on Is there a way to determine the total voting power, or the amount of GTC that can potentially be used to vote on a proposal at any given moment? Is it possible to get a list of addresses, that have GTC but can not vote? From my understanding, a significant amount of GTC is currently locked in contracts such as the GitcoinDAO Treasury and therefore cannot be used for voting on proposals. Can anyone confirm or provide more information on this?

Thank you in advance for your help.

It shows on the cards how much GTC that person has delegated to them. These cards don’t influence voting power directly. They instead influence others understanding of who had deep knowledge. I wish being a top steward there had an effect on voting weight!

For the rest of your questions, @shawn16400 is likely the best person to clarify.


Thanks for the clarification! I think it makes sense for someone who is more engaged with the project and has more “skin in the game”, like locking their tokens for longer to get a higher voting weight. The Internet computer does the with a voting power multiplier, based on the staking duration, for example.

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I’ve floated the idea that we shouldn’t just give every GTC holder the same voting power and that by staking it we could have sybil resistance quadratic voting. I’m not sure why, but there has been little appetite for it. I am guessing it is because it sounds like a gimmicky staking game, but I think it actually aligns the game theory better so you have more people playing consistently positive sum strategies. How does ICP communicate this?

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