hey all; heads up that @ivanmolto (gitcoin community member) built a gitcoin round reminder twitter bot

you can subscribe to it here =>

the bot will start sending reminders for gg19 start date but once the start date is in the past then the bot will start sending reminders for gg19 end date.

it is completely configurable, insofar as you can add events to the backend and define the reminder schedule for them.

if anyone wants a login to the service, so you can set reminders for your own rounds, please contact ivan.

if anyone else wants to build a reminder bot similar to this, you can fork the code + do it here =>


Sorry I didn’t say this before – just informing anyone that does make their own bot to let @MathildaDV or myself know so that we can add it to the Gitcoin whitelist – this helps us prevent them from being taken down by our cybersec agency :slight_smile:

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Dear @quaylawn and @MathildaDV
Just informing to you that after the account with handle @GitcoinReminder was suspended by X/Twitter and getting stuck with the appeal for a long time, we have decided to create a new bot with a new handle.

Can you please whitelist in the cybersec agency platform the following handle @GrantsReminders / @grantsreminders?

Thank you


Hi @ivanmolto thank you for the note. Yes we will do so! Apologies again that the appeal process has been taking so long - that’s a pity.

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Thank you @MathildaDV. No worries. Much appreciated!

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