Tips and tricks to develop your music on the blockchain music platform

We all know that nowadays many music producers are interested in blockchain music, but some of them are still new to it. If you have any experience around it, feel free to share it with everyone in the Gitcoin Community <3


I just joined a defi based music dapp called Audius which is the name of their coin.


Awesome, i use too, but still learning on that. if you are willing to share audius music marketing tips here it will be very helpful for me and others.
may i follow you on audius?

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Hi I am really interested to create a Decentralized virtual artist that is backed by a dao. What do you think about that?


Soopercolt45 On Audius, I also tried lum app and it has a more interactive coin system but not defi. Their system helps you get songs and stems in “the exchange” where you can collab and make $ off stems you’ve made and get followers way easier than soundcloud.

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One guy started dao records , I first saw it on cryptovoxels, which is a awesome place if you never been I recommend………but yes I wanna make some max headroom mix tapes with analog video mixers and have a live music event in cryptovoxels or decentraland. I think realestate is expensive so might need to get pleaserdao to pull together some funds!


I see alot of people trying to use nft s with music. And it just doesn’t make sense. Because it can be copied in so many ways and maybe should be. I think a dao could collect royalties if deployed correctly in smart contracts.

Yup, i think so…
But today there is platform/dapp will make NFT with value as collateral. Maybe i need more research to make it reasonable for all producer.

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Hai, interested with it. Lets make it happen

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Good idea github xommunity is strong

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I wonder why, music NFT is not good as visual design. I mean, we can see it through the price and bid.

@Velucxa I am all in :smiley: Lets talk what we can do to make it happen!
Have you looked at Harrison First Harrison First price, FIRST chart, market cap, and info | CoinGecko?
He is offering he has his own coin that distributes to his community and I think is a very interested idea to play with.
He currently he has a description like plan that if you have 1000 coins you can access all his content and with that coin you can get nfts and other discounts.
Also you can provide liquidity and the other defi cool stuff.
Ialso would like to explore the idea what should be the role of a DAO of artists.
For example what the theme of the songs should be?
Is that songs carry a message to the fans and to the words?
How artists should behave on a DAO?

Yes, Audius is a great platform, I’m on it too, check me out )))
Their token is called Audio though, not Audius.

The best I could find are: and