There are some questions about trust verification

Hi, I’m new to gitcoin and want to improve my verification level. But I meet some problems.
First, when I use the SMS I can’t receive the message on mobile, it’s can’t use in China?
Second, when I verify with Facebook and click the connect button, Facebook prompts me that the app number is invalid, it’s a bug?

Any help?

hi from gitcoin core team - it looks like twilio wont let validation attemptes from china because of “use case vetting”. ive applied to twilio use case vetting but have not heard back.


If you try again later, the problem may be fixed.


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I had similar challenges too,I hope it get fixed soon

It happened to me also

But you can try again … the sms function is now working.

emphasized text

Facebook verification is now working

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You can use Facebook

But outside that
BrightId 50%
Twitter 15%
Sms 15%
Gmail 15%

That will do

Yes, it’s work. I passed the verification :smiley:

How long does the BrightID normally takes,mine was pending for a long while?it eventually timed out.