The Impact of the Impact Report Visual and PDF Onchain

Hello everyone!

I wanted to give you a heads up about a new couple of Dune dashboards on metrics/visuals about the NFT series to highlight grantee impact stories.

The first is about the Gitcoin Impact Report Visual that you can check at ==>

The second is about the Gitcoin Impact Report PDF Onchain that you can check at ==>

If interested you can also compare some metrics of the Gitcoin NFT series with other branded/commemoratives NFTs from Zora, Dune, LayerZero, Rainbow, Conduit, Guild, Mirror, and so on here ==>

Some highlights:

  • In Ethereum a 45% of the NFTs are minted via bundle mints just from only a 11,6% of the minters

  • A 30,7% of the Ethereum minters also minted the Optimism PDF version

  • The long journey of the Optimism PDF version with a good level of mints after 8 months of the launch

Happy to hear your comments, insights, and suggestions on how to enhance this dashboards. Thank you!