Systematic Exploration of the Coordination Mechanism Design Space

Reviving this topic now that Allo Protocol v2 is approaching launch.

I wonder in what ways we might prioritize the creation of Allo Strategies for some of the ideas in this thread.

Allo v1 uses Quadratic Funding to allocate capital. Allo v2 could use many different ones… but which ones should we prioritize first?

I think it makes sense to prioritze the ones with the largest TAMs in web3 for now. And especially the ones where there is an unmet need in the market.

It may also make sense to weight simpler mechanisms first. More complex mechanisms requiring oracles for examples, we might want to sequence in a later iteration.


If the DAO is being conservative with it’s capital, then it’s best to prioritize those strategies which have the highest potential for usage immediately after deployment. Maybe there can be an initial market research with existing partners on which strategies maybe immediately relevant or which problems do we predict each of the strategies solve and cross reference those with the problems highlighted by the partner communities.


This is probly not the correct thread to add this to (please advise) but wanted to respond to @jengajojo and also pick up on the note in today’s newsletter by @gaoa97 about @owocki open to hearing about Gitcoin-related projects to dig his hands into for this next phase his participation. And would like to loop in @kyle and also @Viriya and @CoachJonathan

Janine mentions here above about Gitcoin being ‘conservative with its capital’.

This pipe dream/ proposal is an attempt to imagine RWA investments that could accrue value over time as well as diversify the DAO’s / Foundation’s holdings.

It could also very well just be a pipe dream…

PROPOSAL: Gitcoin Schelling Point France

Firstly, let me say that this is not in any way a competition to Zuzalu. (afaik that’s a different, and very cool, vision)

Gitcoin Schelling Point France can be a wholly Gitcoin community ecovillage.

WHAT: In France there are whole villages for sale such as in the S. of France. Yes, they are dilapidated stone buildings and mostly isolated and in need of massive restoration and development. But contrast purchasing a 20 room chateau with the possibility to purchase an entire village for about 3 Million Euro.

Another possibility would be to invest in a vineyard with its manor and outbuildings which would come with enough property to construct tiny homes across the fields. We could perhaps solicit co-branding for the tiny homes to gather development funds support. The vineyard could be functional and produce wine for the guests and residents. Gitcoiners and their families could reserve in advance to help with the ‘vendange’ (harvest) each year.

Pipe dream?

Perhaps… But @Viriya and I had a good time imagining such a scenario during our conversations at ETHCC in Paris this summer.

I don’t expect that we’d be as successful as, say, Jimmy Buffett’s Margarataville resorts (valued at $1B today I believe). But we could work towards that direction.

If we went towards the EcoVillage concept (not so much the vineyard and winery) then perhaps we could make strategic partnerships with tech companies that would use the village as a tech showcase for remote, self-sustainable autonomy without sacrificing quality of life. Services that come to mind are solar panels, internet connectivity, water purification, vertical gardens.

I know I am getting carried away here with a Solar Punk vision. Maybe this is simply Gitcoin x Schelling Point France x Solar Punk?

Like I said above, maybe this is just a pipe dream. But from an investment diversification standpoint, property holds its value, tourism (even if it’s eco tourism just for our community of Gitcoiners) will not be affected by AI like other industries, and, hey, who doesn’t want to spend time every year in the South of France picking grapes, eating French cheese and teaching your kids how to speak French on Duolinga?


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