SWAT analysis of Gitcoin shows strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats just for discussion

I try to prepare a SWOT analysis for Gitcoin that reveals strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in brief.

I have prepared this report only for discussion purposes.

There may be mistakes or ideas that are far from correct. I am open to discussion with the community through comments.

By interacting with the community, I will modify and write it again based on the comments and opinions of the community.

The purpose of this report is to open the door for discussion, create a sound analysis of the current situation, and generate ideas and visions that will help in developing Gitcoin .

The report is not to criticize or show faults but is only an attempt to analyze the current situation.

In preparing this report, I relied on information from the website and the forum.
I did not find on Discord or Telegram an active public discussion channel from which I could extract information. If there is something like this, I hope I will be alerted to check it.


Very nice. I find myself in agreement with most points here.

If I was building Gitcoin products I would take a good look at competitors, e.g. comparing UX of Giveth and Gitcoin “round explorers” I would say Giveth is clearly winning on that front.

I think main advantage Gitcoin has at the moment is the ability to take the lead building “unified grant infrastructure” thanks to Passport and maybe Allo project registries.

What I mean by that is that if someone makes a Passport because they want to fund projects on Giveth, it should be easy to also persuade that fellow to fund projects on Gitcoin, because they already have a passport for that.


This kind of graphics bring so much needed clarity for community members that aren’t part of internal ops.

Would love to see a “Community Board” where people can go & submit ideas on how to address WK’s while leveraging SO’s.

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@DistributedDoge Thank you for your response and interest. You added important information that will help develop the analysis.
If you have any other information that would be useful in developing the report, I would be grateful if you added it.

@wasabi Thank you for your response and interest, and I agree with you about the benefits that reports like that provide.

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I am pleased to express my enthusiasm for the proposed idea.

May I inquire about the specific quantitative or qualitative factors that you have in mind?

Among the possibilities are:

Quantitative: user engagement metrics, financial performance, token metrics, development and technical metrics.

Qualitative: community engagement, brand perception, competitive positioning, regulatory environment, partnerships and ecosystem growth, innovation and product development.

I would like to note that a considerable portion of these metrics are accessible on-chain and within social media platforms.

Additionally, the prospect of complementing the SWOT analysis with a PESTLE Analysis is quite intriguing (in the whole sense of the word). The PESTLE Analysis, as you are aware, contemplates the broader macro-environmental factors encompassing Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Legal, and Environmental dimensions. This comprehensive approach furnishes invaluable insights into external feedback on a different scale.

Allow me to emphasize the significance of a thorough understanding of these factors in augmenting the strategic planning endeavors. I anticipate the forthcoming report with great interest.

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@robioreefeco Thank you for your response and interest.
The quantitative and qualitative factors you mentioned some of these factors were on my mind, and others were not. Thank you for alerting me to these factors, and I will take them all into consideration.

The information that I can access and rely on in preparing any reports is the information that is available to the public, whether from this forum or from the websites and tools that are available to everyone.

I will think about preparing a PESTLE analysis; it is a good idea. I hope that I can prepare it properly and hope community members will help me with their opinions and ideas in developing these reports and correcting errors.

Thank you for giving me ideas and insights that will help me develop the reports.