Stewards Coordination and Transparency

It is so exciting to see so many awesome Stewards raising their hands to participate in this experiment, I would like to propose some structured governance processes to help keep #governance-meta running smoothly :bulb:

For starters I think a regular meeting cadence, a place to review notes, and a way to upload recorded video content will be essential for transparency and information asymmetry among the working groups.

The Stewards have been formed to help create, review, and approve proposals. I understand that not everyone will be able to attend all meetings though, due to time-zones, scheduling conflicts and what have you.

So might I suggest a one hour meeting, once per month starting in June ?

Until the amount of proposal hits a more substantial figure I think a monthly call is enough to keep the stakeholders informed while not becoming burdensome.

Drop your availability starting June on the Doodle:date:

I would also like to propose the following:

Steward Calls be recorded and uploaded to the Gitcoin Governance Youtube ( where is TBD) for the maximum transparency around decision making.

Meeting Notes from each meeting should be kept in something like and uploaded to the appropriate Forum category Meta Governance
in this case.

I am raising my hand to host these monthly meetings for the time being and I have a Zoom pro account to ensure that all the content is recorded, I would be glad to have someone help me with note taking if that’s interesting to you !

TL:DR Please add your availability starting June for our Steward Governance Kick-off call Doodle:date:


I’m happy to help out with notes :memo:


Amazing, thanks @Anett! Just filled out the Doodle on my side looks like we already have a great group responding.


Would love to fly-on-the-wall the monthly meeting!


Thanks to @everyone for participating in this Doodle poll, the poll is now closed and highest voted time was June 7th 9am PST. I have created that event in my calendar and invited those of you who added your emails.

If you would like to be added to that event, feel free to DM me your email here or on Telegram @Yalormewn looking forward to kicking this discussion off with you all in a couple weeks :leg: cheers Stewards !


If possible, I’d like to be added to these calls. The Doodle link has been closed. Thanks