Stewards Calls All Info

In order to increase transparency of the Stewards call I’m introducing you this thread which will include details of upcoming calls, agenda and notes (potentially recordings in the future).
Here is the first all info from the first Gitcoin Stewards call, we will be posting similar format of posts to this thread.

Gitcoin DAO Steward Monthly #1 June

Date: 7th June
Time: Europe & USA timezones friendly


Workstream Intros:
β†’ Stewards Governance (10 minutes)
β†’ Introduction to the steward roles / process (Yalor)
β†’ Introduction to workstreams (10 minutes)

β†’ Jess - Intro (1 min)
β†’ Joe - Help (0.5 min)
β†’ Jeff - What (1 min)
Check out the Forum Post
If you’re interested to participate, get on the invite list by adding your info to this spreadsheet

Public Goods
β†’ Public goods funding
β†’ Public goods prototyping
β†’ Decentralizing Gitcoin

Topics of Discussion:

  • AKITA vote proposal (Andrew)
  • Dealing with fallout from Akita community / reaching a new cooperative state
  • LBP proposal / implementation details for the liquidation (avsa)
  • GR10 round structure proposal (James)
  • Adopting Maker governance rules // formal rules for governance (Trent)
  • Stewards choosing Stewards (graduation process) (Yalor)
  • Multiple language support

Notes are in HackMD


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Gitcoin DAO Steward Monthly #2 July

Date: 5th July
Time: Europe & USA timezones friendly


Please add your topics below, we’ll be working off this Google Doc for the actual call happening this morning ( Monday 5th) @ 12pm ET / 5pm CET

Zoom Recording

Topic: Yalor Tackson’s Personal Meeting Room
Start Time : Jul 5, 2021 09:00 AM

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: Dbx#yrq6


Gitcoin DAO Steward Monthly #2 July

Date: 5 July


Notes just been added to HackMD