Schelling Point Event at ETHDenver 2/17/2022 [REQUEST FOR COORDINATION]

GitcoinDAO is putting together Schelling Point - a one-day celebration of public goods & DAO-era coordination - the day before ETHDenver 2022 (2/17/2022).

We’d love your help in planning this event!

We have about 3 months until the event, and so far we’ve got proposals for the following lined up:

  • venue
  • content
  • art studio

but we are still looking for proposals from the community for the following:

  • cool swag
  • ways to engage around the following memes: schellling points, green pill, quadratic lands, solarpunk, regen finance, coordination
  • ways to market (Moonshot Collectives new product suite)
  • novel ways to show off Ethereum’s values.
  • other creative proposals

Want to sponsor the event?

Email if you’d like to sponsor the event (or the Virtual Event).

Want to help plan? Want to co-create a great event? and have fun while doing it of course…

The DAO is co-creating the event in these places. Join us!

Take the greenpill anon; help us coordinate the best event that the coordination-space has ever seen…