[S15 Proposal] - Gitcoin Product Collective Workstream Proposal & Budget Request

This question is one we have been expecting at Moonshot, and I think a fair one at that. I appreciate your willingness to ask these kinds of questions.

@kevin.olsen’s response was pretty spot on, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to give some direct insight to MC’s planning for s15.

It’s clear you see the importance of the Grants + Passport protocols. MC’s priority is to help GPC make these protocols more accessible by being the first community to build on top of them, i.e. dog fooding. MC has a diverse community of builders to mobilize which enables us to provide rich feedback on the protocols. This allows GPC to quickly iterate on documentation/SDK’s/features, which in return will provide confidence across the board that these protocols are indeed approachable and ready for primetime.

The second value add here is, MC can expand the development opportunities for the protocols. What MC builds on top of the protocols should be valuable solutions to key problems that have been identified/heard from key design partners. In fact, what you will see in our s15 budget proposal are items that were prioritized in collaboration with GPC and key stakeholders to ensure we are working on high impact items. Not only can we expand on the development opportunities, but also mobilize talent that can contribute directly to the teams and work of the core protocols. This is already happening today as we mobilized product and engineering help for Passport, and short term engineering help for Grants 2.0.

TLDR: GPC = core protocol work / defined products. MC = Dogfooding + experimentation + innovation (aligned with EI’s)

This is actually something MC is aiming to help with in future seasons as well, planning/strategy calls are happening on what this best looks like. Essentially becoming the trusted source of software development for the DAO workstreams that have a need for software outside of the protocols to solve key problems, but don’t have devs or dev capacity. An example of this is working with the Public Goods Funding ws to help build partnerships or help build products that facilitate and scale their fundraising for public goods (aqueducts and fee swaps). To capture more of these opportunities we will roll out an idea/problem submission form for WS’s to submit areas they need help with and prioritize those against other problems/ideas that help achieve our EI’s.

The reason that is coming in future seasons is we want to stay hyper focused on ensuring the protocols are approachable and are built with the needed solutions to be successful. We will continue to work with other WS’s to have a solid plan on what becoming this trusted source of development looks like and how we best scale that effort to ensure we are capturing those ideas and prioritizing them accordingly.


Visualization of the budget request above. Please reach out if you have any questions or input.