GitcoinDAO Digest #27 2022

New workstream! Gitcoin Product Collective (GPC) has officially landed in the DAO! :tada::tada::tada:

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The GPC workstream is led by Lindsey Thrift and Kevin Olsen. “We have been working in close collaboration with the DAO while residing in Gitcoin Holdings and are eager to fully integrate our work and operations. We will be bringing with us the foundational development of the Grants and Passport protocols and have ambitious goals to drive early adoption and validation of the designs in Season 15.” says Lindsey.

GPC’s entry into GitcoinDAO comes shortly after CSDO ratified the DAO’s purpose and essential intents, which include building Grants and Passport protocols.

Graphic by Octaviaan

:point_right: Key actions for this week:

  1. Sign the on-chain ratification of Gitcoin Product Collective Workstream S15 funding request

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:fire: Hot Topics:

  • Kyle announces that the Gitcoin Foundation has finalized asset transfers from Gitcoin Holdings which means “we can start to formalize the relationship between the DAO contributors and the newly created operating company within the foundation.”

  • There is a heated discussion around removing lifetime funding received from the gitcoin grants page. Thomas Rush comments that the number is super useful when deciding whether or not to donate to a grant and does not create a tax liability. Nate Gosselin, of GPC, says “there are still community members who find this indicator valuable — given that, we’re not comfortable removing this feature.” Lefteris, who initiated the proposal, claims “The data is inaccurate by order of magnitude as both my team and I have showcased” and insists the current situation is unacceptable.

  • Chase provides insight into Moonshot Collective’s evolving role in the DAO as the GPC enters to build the Grants 2.0 protocol: “MC’s priority is to help GPC make these protocols more accessible by being the first community to build on top of them.”

  • The Green Pill Podcast with Kevin Owocki has had three banger new episodes drop:

:ballot_box: GitcoinDAO Governance Overview:

Snapshot polls GTC Holders and Tally performs on-chain actions. Proposals that have on-chain steps, such as budget requests, move on to Tally after being ratified on Snapshot.

:man_mage::woman_mage: Workstream Discussion

:seedling: Public Goods Funding

  • Looking back on Season 14, we’re proud to say:

    • We had 57% new partners as matching funders!
    • Our cause round matching funds increased by 30% compared to Season 13
    • Our ecosystem round matching funds increased by 52% compared to Season 13
    • We closed our first mutual grant with Radicle!
  • The pgDAO (public goods DAO) is starting to come to fruition with our partners from other organizations.

  • We’ve operationalized Hubspot as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to help us manage, track, and grow our relationships with funders.

:rocket: Moonshot Collective

  • Passport Identity Staking: We’re moving quick and have built an initial smart contract and interface that allows users to stake and unstake. We’re deployed on testnet and getting ready to iterate on a lean MVP.

  • Operations and Strategy: We’re partnering with GPC to identify what builds would be the most impactful for season 15 and the upcoming Grants 2.0. With those priorities in mind, we also started drafting our S15 budget proposal.

:blue_heart: Fraud Detection & Defense

  • This week we built a new API for data scientists to easily interact with Gitcoin Passport data using any language - specifically Python & R for our use cases.

  • We shared a starter tutorial for querying on-chain data relevant to DeSoc analysis.

  • Season 15 budget planning is underway. On Monday we will have a 3 hour session with core contributors to collectively build out our priorities and OKRs with the feedback from CSDO.

  • We started a “Contributor DNA” analysis, which takes contributor donation data and provides a unique fingerprint that can be used for Sybil detection, DeSoc scoring, and more!

:art: Merch, Memes & Marketing

  • We kicked off an effort to evolve our brand! We’re keeping the work coming from GPC/Grants 2.0 in mind and ensuring all our designs across the DAO have a cohesive look and feel. For GR15, we’re thinking about how we can incorporate more regenerative or networked themes.

  • We officially launched on Hubspot and sent our first email from our new platform!

  • We have completed an overhaul of the Steward Health Cards with improved automated data pipeline, and rebuilt our back-end architecture for faster future updates.We’re excited to soon be releasing a set of new features, starting with the introduction of Workstream-cards.

:sunny: DAO Operations

  • Cross Stream DAO Ops (CSDO): This week, we passed a proposal by Saf for DAO Ops to own our weekly DAO Vibes call, build a lively community experience, and create a structure of calls we can repeat each month. We also discussed our travel policy for reimbursing contributors as something that each workstream must own for itself rather than DAO Ops. Lastly, we discussed our compensation policy and how to balance managing the global nature of DAOs with location-based salaries. While compensation decisions currently vary by workstream, GPC is standardizing around US-based salaries and MMM uses a tiered approach based on experience.

:hammer_and_wrench: Gitcoin Product Collective

  • Grants Hub: We completed phase 1 of product developmen and are moving into the next phaset! We’re targeting to be dev-complete with phase 2 by August 1st. Right now, we’re updating our designs based on partner feedback, conducting user research sessions, and evaluating the technical feasibility of verifying credentials with Round Manager.

  • Round Manager: We’re aiming to have our MVP live in production on the Optimism chain by August 1st. In order to make sure our database of grants program is always available, public, and decentralized we’re finalizing the development of our Subgraph. This will also give us the ability to retrieve data much quicker than we would otherwise.

:date: Upcoming community events

  • Drop in on our weekly DAO Vibes on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM UTC on Discord! We have been seeing great attendance and engagement and we would love for you to join us.

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