[S15 Proposal - DRAFT] MMM Budget Request

Essential Intents

During S15, MMMM will be focus its initiatives on delivering results that support the following Essential Intents (EI) within the DAO:

  • Protocol Adoption
  • Grants Program Success
  • DAO Organization


In Season 15, MMM will focus our operations on providing streamlined, reliable marketing support to three major areas directly related to our essential intents. We will work to:

  1. Support the launch of Grants 2.0 protocols and the growth and adoption of Passport

  2. Level up Grants Programs through strategic marketing efforts and streamlining marketing processes round over round

  3. Grow the Gitcoin community, deepening engagement & improving brand affinity

  4. Improve cross-stream communication by establishing thriving partnerships with other workstreams that create shared alignment on marketing efforts and ops best practices

MMM underspent significantly against our Season 14 budgets (details outlined below). More specifically, after proposing our Season 14 budget, we made the following changes in response to market conditions:

  1. Postponed planned investments in brand strategy (into Season 15 & 16)

MMM also spent less than budgeted in the following area:

  1. Product marketing (hired one part-time, level 2 person supported by a workstream lead). Given workstream lead capacity & market conditions, we were not able to invest as much as we intended in this area. This will change in Season 15.

Based on what we learned from S14, MMM is making the following changes for S15:

  1. Moving from a team structure with 7 substreams (content, brand & creative, community experience, growth, product marketing, PR/Comms, Ops, Strategy & governance) to a team (and budget) structure with 3 key go-to-market areas and one team support area (see “Team Composition” below)

  2. Doubling down on investments in product marketing, shifting resources significantly to support the DAO’s protocol-first strategy

  3. Pausing paid engagements with our PR/Comms partner, pausing experimental webdev-projects & canceling several other projects that do not closely align with the DAO’s ratified essential intents


MMM’s S15 budget is $417, 543 (-15% vs S14 budget of $504,635). After accounting for remaining budget & reserves, MMM is requesting $172,935 for Season 15 from the treasury.
The GTC total will be adjusted based on the current market value at the time this proposal is moved to Tally. The vote will be to send the requested $USD amount in GTC at the lower of the current price or the 20 day moving average, whichever is lower.

Milestone Report

:yellow_circle:Incomplete, will hit goal or priority change
:red_circle: Incomplete, will not hit goal
:black_circle: Canceled - Out of WS control

Initiative/Dept Objectives Past Season Value Delivered
Protocols Lay the foundation to reposition Gitcoin as the premier ecosystem building & funding protocol :yellow_circle:Drive customer & audience research on identity, sybil protection & broader ecosystem funding solutions [started, needs further investment]
:red_circle:Create product positioning, packaging, and marketing materials to support protocol vision
:green_circle:Steer Gitcoin toward a protocol future through effective and timely launch of Passport at ETHCC
Programs Increase awareness & affinity for public goods funding & Gitcoin’s role in it :green_circle:Grow awareness and comprehension of grants and public goods among funders & grantees in Grants Round 14
:yellow_circle:Increase diversity and frequency of Gitcoin representatives at industry events [largely happened but outside of MMM]
:green_circle:Elevate Gitcoin’s profile within the global media narrative from PR/Comms initiative [foundational work started & delivered]
:yellow_circle:Build the profiles of Gitcoin leadership beyond Kevin [begun but deprioritized]
:red_circle:Reinforce Gitcoin as a Web3 leader & transition from an Ethereum funding solution to an internet-native protocol for building & funding ecosystems [in progress, not achieved in S14]
:red_circle:Reinforce Gitcoin as a Web3 leader & transition from an Ethereum funding solution to an internet-native protocol for building & funding ecosystems [in progress, not achieved in S14]
:black_circle:Support Holdings team in marketing virtual events business
:green_circle:Upgrade our email marketing platform & migrate to a comprehensive marketing automation suite [almost complete]
:green_circle:Prepare comprehensive SEO audit of all website assets
Branding Elevate the Gitcoin brand experience :green_circle:Support all marketing campaigns, including GR14, with top-notch marketing assets, creative and copywriting
:yellow_circle:Complete analysis and scoping of visual identity refresh [Started, not yet complete]
:yellow_circle:Full audit & clean up for gitcoin.co website & other marketing assets [started & in progress]
:green_circle:Update existing schwag store & innovate using token-gating plug-ins
:yellow_circle:Drive alignment on overall IRL event strategy [complete] & begin planning for S15 IRL events [moved to SP ws-lite]
:green_circle:Update existing schwag store & innovate using token-gating plug-ins
:red_circle:Develop visuals for workstream to help onboarding, navigation and proposals [Canceled]
MMM OS Establish systems, processes and practices to shape a thriving MMM and GitcoinDAO community :green_circle:Build OS framework to revamp min 3 quadrants (of Workflow, Information, Authority, Measurement)
:yellow_circle:Define and communicate a clear onboarding process for new contributors & implement contributor health measurements [started, not yet complete]
:red_circle:Define and implement bottoms-up OKR processes with the MMM contributors by July 10th [goal was misguided]
:yellow_circle:Expand connections and collaborations with workstreams; designate an MMM point of contact for each workstream [prioritized cross-workstream connections but not dedicated POC]
:yellow_circle:Build Gitcoin community & shape community-first vibes via hosting and promoting virtual events such as Weekly Syncs, Memepalooza & other events
:green_circle:Increase transparency & awareness of key DAO activities via the GitcoinDAO Digest

Other notable MMM accomplishments in S14:

  • Created go-to-market metrics
  • Created & shared comprehensive compensation & leveling model
  • Streamlined the design request process
  • Completed workstream treasury diversification
  • Optimized MMM governance processes & decision-making (via Murmur)
  • Completed peer reviews for full MMM core team

S15 Goals

In an effort to respond to market conditions, MMM has taken necessary steps to focus the majority of our efforts on marketing our programs and protocols. We have restructured our workstream and workflows to align to 4 major focus areas: Protocols, Programs, Community Engagement, MMM Ops and are committed to operating as lean as possible.

A note on community engagement:

Currently, there is an emergent DAO-wide conversation regarding duplicative efforts around community engagement. As MMM carves out its place in community engagement work that is foundational to Gitcoin’s success, it is important to understand how MMM defines community.

Community, as defined by us, can be divided into 4 rudimentary categories (exact segmentation TBD):

Level of engagement Audience Segment
Core Contributors
Second Stakeholders
Third Participants
Fourth Web3 Citizens

Each level is categorized by depth of engagement/action in relation to Gitcoin & the level of integrity to our business functions.

From very participatory & integral (core) → less participatory & integral (fourth).

Over the course of S15 MMM will work to understand our audience segments more deeply and create a comprehensive strategy that will aim to define and align the DAO on roles and responsibilities of each WS as they relate to marketing efforts (grassroots & beyond) across these 4 levels of engagement. Through this process, we will have a unified strategy for community engagement across the DAO & our community of fans and stakeholders will be empowered to champion our vision, mission & activities organically. See below for more information on key results as they relate to the community engagement initiatives of MMM.

Initiative/Dept Essential Intent S15 Objective Key Results
Protocol launches & adoption EI1: Protocol Adoption Discover & refine product-market fit for Gitcoin’s protocols (with premier partners).
We will both shape and communicate our products & protocols. We will shape it by doing customer & competitor research (to help identify unmet needs) and persona development (to better define the target audience). We will communicate it with content and collateral, market education, and coordinated & effective product launches.
  • Sales & marketing materials & content created, being used & iteratively improved
  • Quality audience research delivered
    * Protocols integrated into website
  • Brand strategy finalized for protocols
  • Awareness & positive perception among target audience
  • Developer partner program sign ups
  • Grants program marketing & growth EI2: Grants Program Success Grow awareness, comprehension, and participation for Grants Rounds.
    Awareness, comprehension & participation will grow successively round over round for all target groups: matching partners, grantees & individual funders
  • Increased # of unique (non-sybil) contributions
  • Increased total contribution amount
  • Increase number of quality grants
  • All GR15+16 grants rounds reach saturation
  • Comprehensive Grants Program marketing strategy by GR16
  • Grants round marketing internal runbook
  • Develop marketing templates & toolkit for grantees & ecosystem partners
  • Community engagement EI1 and 2: Protocol Adoption & Grants Program Success Grow Gitcoin community, deepen engagement & improve brand affinity.
    We will have a unified strategy for community engagement across the DAO & our community will be empowered to champion our vision, mission & activities organically.
  • Develop community engagement strategy to align and coordinate grassroots efforts of PGF, DAO Ops and MMM (including identifying audiences and outlining/aligning on DAO-wide objectives)
  • Increased channel growth (social media followers, email sign ups)
  • Develop & execute social media channel strategy to increase channel engagement (views, reads, likes, RTs)
  • Strengthen ecosystem partnerships & co-marketing efforts
  • Increased # of attendees at events (virtual & IRL)
  • MMM OS EI4: DAO Organization Refine our OS for a thriving MMM Workstream & DAO.
    We will have a world-class marketing team who is working in thriving partnerships across the DAO and in the broader web3 community.
  • End of season contributor health measurement scores (with completed peer review process)
  • Improved WS & cross-stream communication & context sharing
  • Consistent feedback loops established through quarterly retros and performance reviews
  • Retaining quality contributors (person-DAO-fit)
  • Budget Breakdown

    Budget Category (Dept/team) Description Amount GTC Amount USD
    Protocol launches & adoption Full-time contributors:
    - Lead (Jonathan)

    Part-time contributors:
    - Product marketing Lead (Julia)
    - Editor (Mathilda)
    - Writers x3 (Jess, Tagan & Eric)
    - Social media manager (TBC)
    - Senior Product Marketer (TBD - not yet hired)
    - Creative and brand strategy (Alexa)
    46,018 $127,470
    Grants program marketing & growth Full-time contributors:
    - Ops & Strategy (Laura)
    - Growth Marketing (Jonas)

    Part-time contributors:
    - Side Rounds Lead (Kyle Jensen)
    - Side Rounds Lead (Umar Khan)
    - Writers x3 (TBC)
    - Social media manager (TBC)
    - Designer (Biux)
    40,408 $111,930
    Community engagement Full-time contributors:
    - Lead (Laura)
    - Community Engagement Strategist (Gary Sheng)

    Part-time contributors:
    - Project coordination (Fred)
    - Art Director (Laura Helen)
    - Social media manager (Jess)
    - Designer (Jvck)
    - Content development (Armando)
    - Staff writer (TBC)
    - Gitcoin Digest Lead (Umar)
    37,413 $103,635
    MMM OS Full-time contributors:
    - Lead (Jonathan)

    Part-time contributors:
    - CMS and Email support (Gerritt)
    - Project management (June Chin)
    - Weekly Scribe (rotating)
    26,898 $74,508
    MMM S15 Budget 30.53% Protocols
    26.81% Programs
    24.82% Community
    17.84% MMM OS
    150,737 $417,543
    60 day reserves 100,491 $278,362
    S14 reserves+budget remaining (est) 188,798 $522,970
    Request from Treasury (est) 62,431 $172,935

    A denomination in dollar amount will be prioritized in budget proposals over GTC - if the spot price assumed at the time of posting ($2.77 on Aug. 2, 2022) this document on the forum changes between then and when the budget gets proposed on-chain, the GTC amount will be readjusted to reflect the USD amount above. GTC amounts are rounded values.

    Notes on team composition

    Programs & Protocols Squads

    MMM has recently restructured our operations and team structure to create lean, agile cross-functional teams in support of our 4 Essential Intents.

    Program and Protocol teams will each be equipped with a:

  • Content team
  • Marketing ops function
  • Marketing strategy function

    The goal of having these three functions centralized to Programs & Protocols is to support rich context-building amongst contributors within each area.

    At the beginning of S15, the marketing ops role and marketing strategy role will be held by the same person with an opportunity to hire for these functions once roles and responsibilities have been clarified and established.

    Support Squad

    At the heart of MMM there is a cross-functional team that supports all 3 go-to-market areas.

    This squad is comprised of:

  • MMM OS contributors
  • Social media manager
  • Growth marketer
  • Brand team
  • Dev function

    These contributors work across the workstream and in support of the needs of the wider DAO.


    Visualization of the budget draft above. I intend to post these under each budget and keep them updated as proposals incorporate feedback and changes. Please reach out if you have any questions or input.


    Thank you for a very clear write-up and for all you are doing to reposition Gitcoin and support ongoing growth. Amazing TBH.

    The news that in s14 you: " * Created go-to-market metrics" caught my eye.

    Could you speak a little more to how metrics are used or will be used to refine marketing efforts? I know there are some efforts that are very hard to quantify - and others where it is almost too easy to quantify… Is this mostly a growth function? Would these be used in the future to define success criteria?

    Regarding the focus on personas and helping to articulate them at a higher level of depth - how will this be performed w/ GPC and product leadership? Would product contribute however MMM would take lead in articulating the persona, explaining their characteristics, and so on? And then product could use these to inform their roadmap?

    I see that my questions are not specifically about the amount being spent and rather about metrics and how some work is being divided. Nonetheless, I hope they are of some value in unpacking a little more MMM’s value and focus.

    Thank you, MMM team - @DisruptionJoe and myself chatted with the team around their proposal and what may need further clarification and settled on:

    • Greater focus on benchmarking with growth marketing metrics (Joe to support)
    • Specifics on intended growth marketing strategies being implemented for each of the focus areas
    • Highlight prioritization of initiatives/tasks (i.e., outline high-level context on what is going on at MMM)

    Overall I think making sure that priority is given to vital areas is important to see MMM achieve its mission of supporting and fuelling the efforts of this DAO. Looking forward to the INTEGRATED proposal.

    Thanks @Pop for the summary of our discussion.

    A few key things to highlight

    The MMM restructuring

    This workstream is undergoing a transformation which the other workstreams seem to feel is positive. Having gone through this with FDD, I wanted to understand if other workstream leads felt there was strong collaboration and effective leadership empowering the workstream to align their outcome to the EI of the DAO. The answer I have found is:

    Leadership across the DAO is confident in @Viriya and @CoachJonathan to make the needed changes to align the workstream behind the most impactful efforts in a way that is collaborative and effective.

    My steward opinion

    In my humble opinion, the role of a steward council member who is assigned to a workstream for an in depth review must be deeply considered. These opinions can heavily influence the way other stewards vote and should not be expressed weakly. The following high level considerations are most important for me in deciding HOW I will approach public vs private critique.

    Always Public Critique

    If these items are in an acceptable state, I will privately critique the items in the following section.

    • Alignment of work with DAO Essential Intents
    • Alignment with Roadmaps & Priorities Set by CSDO*
    • Alignment with Gitcoin Values & Principles*
    • Leaning into rather than away from collaboration
    • Follows agreed upon format, terminology, etc.

    *These items have not yet been defined by the DAO, therefore I must use my best understanding of what these are.

    It is my opinion that this budget meets the acceptable standards for each of the above.

    Private Critique if the Above is Acceptable

    These domains are what I consider private critique as long as the above is in an acceptable state:

    • Prioritization
    • Accuracy, Definition, and Reporting of Metrics
    • Competency & Efficiency of Key Individuals
    • Operational Processes
    • Pay Rates

    This is not to say that I have concerns in all these domains with the MMM workstream at this time. I am attempting to set a clearly defined guideline to define how I might best support GitcoinDAO in a position with a high level of responsibility & consequence.

    The goal is to avoid micro-managing while assisting the workstream to more effectively use their resources with the help of my perspective and experience.

    In Conclusion

    In understanding the context around why and how MMM is making bold changes, I intend to vote for this budget provided a willingness to work to alleviate any private critiques I have during the season which leadership from MMM has already shown.

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