[S15 Proposal - INTEGRATED] MMM Budget Request

Thanks for all the questions.

I agree that last season didn’t see a lot of success. I’m confident that under my and @Viriya 's leadership this won’t happen again.

I think when we start playing this game, it becomes quite difficult to time everything - some projects are completed early on, while others later in the season.
I also think this sets a dangerous precedent for setting “easy goals” instead of stretch goals that will actually move the organization forward.

We have 1 social media manager supporting across all 3 areas. Apologies for any confusion around this.

Apologies for not making this crystal clear. For this season, I will be playing both the Ops and Strategy roles for Protocols marketing (alongside the amazing Julia Pepper). The strategists’ role is ultimately to understand our target audiences and create a cohesive game plan for how to effectively communicate with those audiences so as to increase long term adoption.

The best place to find this at the moment is to look at our Notion page of who’s who. Not all roles have been documented. Our intention is to be at 100% fully documented roles by end of season.

Hopefully this answers your questions and creates some clarity!
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