[S15 Proposal - DRAFT] - DAO Ops Budget Request

Essential Intent

During S15, DAO Operations will be focus its initiatives on delivering results that support the following Essential Intents (EI) within the DAO:

  • DAO Organization
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Protocol Adoption
  • Program Success


Over the last 2 seasons, DAO Ops’ ambitions were focused on building a service-oriented team with the right expertise to advise our fellow workstreams. On the whole, those efforts are producing results, especially in the areas of cross stream strategic planning, budgeting and decision making. One notable example of this is CSDO’s adoption of the DAO’s Purpose and Essential Intents, a leadership and community process that was facilitated by DAO Ops.

In S15, we will be scaling down some initiatives and teams in an effort to reduce costs considerably as the needs of the DAO are continuously evolving. We will continue to reassess where we are focused throughout S15 and into S16 to ensure we are meeting the needs of the workstreams, the DAO and the community more broadly.

Our goal this season is to increase transparency, engagement, and accountability to drive cross stream collaboration and contributor growth.


DAO Ops is not asking for any funds from the treasury to fund our workstream and its initiatives for S15. We will have a surplus of roughly $270K USD to be sent back to the treasury, depending on the spot price.

We project a total spend of $293K in S15, which is 25% lower from the budget spent in S14, and 52% lower than the requested S14 budget.

Note: The GTC total will be adjusted based on the current market value at the time this proposal is moved to Tally. The vote will be to send the requested $USD amount in GTC at the lower of the current price or the 20 day moving average, whichever is lower.

Milestone Report

Initiative/Dept Objectives Past Season Value Delivered
Accounting & Finance Scale accounting operations ensure timely payments and treasury diversification within workstreams. Onboarded GPC, Moonshot, and PGF to budget and payment tools to support DAO-wide spend reporting.
Ensured 15% of DAO Ops S14 budget was traded into stables to manage volatility; advised interested workstreams on strategies.
(New): Increased the number of exchanges that have GTC listed.
Community Experience Streamline contributor onboarding process with clearer entry points, support CSDO, and set high standards for community management. New bi-weekly CSDO strategy call and updated weekly tactical (or ‘action’) call is improving the DAO’s executive decision making.
Fractionalized Community Lead role was filled by two existing contributors, saving time and money while also offering a strong result.
Community Governance Support steward participation via enhanced information flow. Updated budget proposal process, standardized workstream deliverables and (hopefully) reduced cognitive load for stewards.
Re-engagement of pledges for stewardship in the governance forum are fostering increased engagement, communication and context.
Tooling Improve community tooling, increase community adoption, service DAO infrastructure, and provide enhanced security. Created guidance and facilitated training sessions for new and existing contributors.
Tooling has completed the asset transfer from Holdings to the DAO.
Created additional permissions and processes to secure Notion, Discord, and GSuites.
Contributor tooling support occurs within 24 hours.
People Ops Improve the hiring experience, and provide clear, accessible People Ops guidance. Launched the People Ops Hub as an easy-to-find resource for forkable talent guidance to workstreams.
Published parental leave guidance.
Contributor work agreements are ready to sign.
New partnership with WorkDAO for employee benefits is in the final negotiation stage.
People Ops Scale the peer review and role documentation to support additional contributors. New framework for role documentation ensures that contributors consistently practice accountability to team mates and role definition in alignment with DAO needs.
As of S14, nearly 100% of core and trusted contributors received peer feedback.
Support Rebuild the user support team and improve its performance. Hired Support Lead mid-season
Launched training series to professionalize service.
Updated and created new knowledge base articles.

Funds Spent to Date (current and projected)

During S14, DAO Ops spent an estimated $377K in S14. This estimate includes May and June actuals ($256K) and our projected spend for the month of July ($121K). Depending on spot price, we project $750K will be rolled over to S15.

Misses, Direction Changes, and Lessons Learned

In light of the broader market conditions, throughout S14, DAO Ops looked for ways to protect the DAO treasury from unnecessary funding requests. The result of those efforts was the addition of one new hire instead of the three full time hires projected at the beginning of the season. Some key learnings and changes in direction below:

  • Treasury Management Lead Hire: In S14, DAO Ops opted to prioritize treasury efforts currently in our control over hiring a new Treasury Lead.

  • Hiring & Onboarding Flow: We decided to put our onboarding efforts on hold while we evaluate and begin to define the impact we hope to make with the community onboarding experience (with other workstream partners). As a result, we did not onboard or track new community members through the existing onboarding flow.

  • Documented Accounting Guidance: Due in part to legal considerations and to not run afoul of money transmitter laws, published financial guidance will be put on hold until a time where the DAO has fulsome legal recommendation from counsel on the topic.

Season 15 Commitments

Shared Cross Stream Commitments

During S15, DAO Ops commits to:

  • Work with MMM to revamp the Community Experience of new members to the DAO.
  • Developing Gitcoin’s knowledge base with and evolving the support process to prepare for our protocol future with help from GPC.

Initiative Commitments

Initiative Essential Intent Objectives Key Results
Community Experience DAO Organization, Protocol Adoption Increase engagement quality and quantity such that satisfaction among DAO citizens increases, retention of discord members improves, and people looking to engage with regen approaches find a home. KR1: Respond to DAO Citizen intros within 48hrs.
KR2: Opt-in to and high levels of satisfaction with Discord as an internal communication tool by all workstreams.
KR3: Increase in key growth & engagement metrics: 1-week retention, % communicators, messages per sender.
Community Governance DAO Organization Continue to experiment in ways that increase engagement and incentives for Stewards, while simplifying key processes to streamline decision making for the largest GTC delegates. KR1: 80% of stewards and WS Leads approve of improved evaluation process changes.
KR2: Standardized system for candidate stewards to apply and evaluate existing stewards
People Ops DAO Organization Empower DAO contributors to grow and pivot to support our ImpactDAO and protocol development. KR1: At least 4/5 workstreams have a defined and adopted compensation model to determine contributor compensation.
People Ops DAO Organization Ensure contributors are in the right roles, and embrace a DAO-native hiring approach that further develops well supported contributors. KR2: 100% of core and trusted contributors have received a quarterly peer review.
Tooling DAO Organization Continue to engage in operational support, tooling, security and reconciliation to ensure an aligned and transparent software tooling approach meets the needs of the DAO. KR1: Deliver recommendation for cost reductions based on deep dive into all tools used by DAO.
KR2: (Facilitate) response within 48h to all access control domain requests.
KR3: Ensure that all workstreams can use Notion as their primary tool for meeting notes, outward facing workstream description by end of season.
Support Program Success, Protocol Adoption Develop comprehensive support that improves GR15, and our transition to a protocol-focused DAO. KR1: During GR15, support tickets (Discord+Email) are resolved within 20hrs (on average).
KR2: A customer survey that provides feedback on our service level.
KR3: Current state of the Grants program and protocol development is reflected on KB within 5 business days of changes.
KR4: Deliver easily used ticketing data to PGF, GPC, and FDD post GR15.

Budget Breakdown

Budget Category (or Initiative) Description Amount GTC Amount USD
Contributor Compensation Accounts for 3 months of compensation for core team who will be accountable for the success of DAO Ops and its initiatives. 91,750 $254,148
Professional Development Budget for 10 core contributors at $2K per person. 7,219 $19,998
OpEx Employment services through WorkDAO. 3,249 $9,000
The Ready Facilitation and Organizational Management Support 3,610 $10,000
60-day Reserves* Includes severance, parental leave and travel expenses totaling roughly $46K. The rest of reserves will be used for transition costs between seasons (i.e. delay in budget approval). 70,553 $195,431
Budget Request Subtotal Before Rollover 176,382 $488,577
S14 Rollover This is an estimation, based on current spot price. (270,758) ($750,000)
Total Returned to DAO Treasury (94,377) ($261,423)

60-day reserves are calculated only against the contributor compensation and payroll related OpEx.

A denomination in dollar amount will be prioritized in budget proposals over GTC - if the spot price assumed at the time of posting ($2.77 on Aug. 2, 2022) this document on the forum changes between then and when the budget gets proposed on-chain, the GTC amount will be readjusted to reflect the USD amount above. GTC amounts are rounded values.

Team Composition

Full Time

  • Workstream Leads - Kris and Jodi

  • Support Lead - Rohan

  • Community Lead and Hiring Coordinator - Saf

Part Time*

  • Community Governance Lead - TBD

  • Tooling Lead - Puncar

  • People Ops Coordinator - Sandy

  • Discord Manager and Scribe - Kyle J.

  • Support Coordinator - Yuki

Note: In addition to the names listed above, the Support team currently has 6 part time contributors who provide support during grants rounds.


Visualization of the budget draft above. I intend to post these under each budget and keep them updated as proposals incorporate feedback and changes. Please reach out if you have any questions or input.


Hi @Jodi_GitcoinDAO, hope you are doing well!

Got a few question over the budget request.

1- I can read that you will not request any budget for S15 and you are going to send back 270k into the treasury, what are the transaction fees for this specific amount to revert it back, did you made any simulation (Not sure how you will handle back this amount at this point, which tool are you using etc.?) And why are you not keeping it for S16 at this point?

2- Moving down in the draft, I see “Total Requested from Treasury” I’m a little bit confused here, are you requesting any funds or not for S15?

3- Since Loie she’s leaving the DAO, is there still a budget allocated to the People Ops part (Peer Review) or you are planning on onboarding a new contributor for this task specifically?

4- Close to 200k will be used for severance, parental leave and travel expenses?
Is there a way that we can break down these separately? Really curious to know and understand how much we are spending on each of those.

5- 1/4 of 80 contributor is 20, are you budgeting 2k each? This amount would be then 40k?

I understand this is simply a draft at this point, but I’m preparing my question for tomorrow in advance :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answers, really appreciate it!

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Hey @Sirlupinwatson thanks for the questions!

We haven’t dug into fees just yet, but in terms of process, the funds would be returned from our multisig to the DAO’s.

We are returning funds to the DAO’s treasury and updated the proposal language for clarity.

Yes, budget is allocated and Sandy who is an existing people ops contributor will be supporting this initiative.

Not quite. We’re just noting that we will be using a portion of our reserves to pay severance, parental leave, and cover any travel expenses that arise this season. Severance will cost $29K parental leave ~$7K, and we estimate about $10K in travel expenses. In total, those expense come to $46K, leaving about $149K in reserves.

This was a misstatement on our part. We’ve budgeted a total of $20K for professional development this season (same as last season). The funds will be used to reimburse up to 10 core contributors up to $2K. The budget narrative was edited to reflect reality. Thanks for catching it and looking forward our call later today.


Thank you for the very clear write-up and for your work in improving overall DAO operations.

I was a little confused by the wording of the second Shared Cross Stream Commitment: " * Developing Gitcoin’s knowledge base with and evolving the support process to prepare for our protocol future with help from GPC."

As I understand it, this is preparing to support partners and other users of Grants 2.0 and passport for eg - by collaborating w/ GPC?

That one seems to me to both be really important and a bit vague as stated here so far.

One idea - not living in the streams here - would be to have processes set up that checklist releases from GPC (soft or hard gate) to ensure KB articles are updated for example. Or is that sort of thing already happening?

One meta piece of feedback for all of the write-ups is each summary could add at the beginning a context statement such as a bullet point or two:

  • DAO Ops = X people out of Y people in total across Gitcoin DAO; $X spending out of $Y spending in total across Gitcoin DAO.

Really clear write up and incredible the amount of work you and team are doing IMO.


Hey Evan, thanks so much for your feedback here!
Some responses:

We agree with you that this is a bit vague and are considering to even take this out in our integrated proposal (going up on Monday), and integrate shared commitments in the various places, knowing that anything our workstream does is basically shared, as we facilitate all operational processes within the dao. This one specifically belongs under support, where it actually already is mentioned:

So we do have a process in place here, but it will be optimized over this coming season. More coming soon! :slight_smile:

This is a great suggestion, and we’ve been thinking in this direction.
We’ve done this exercise internally for this round during the budget preparation, while doing a peer evaluation. We did not count the people but we did know which part of the ‘pie’ we are representing, at least for these drafts.

To give you an idea of this, this is the current split. Only reason we did not share is because of time lack, so thx so much for asking.



Any other thoughts welcome and appreciate the feedback!

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