[S15 Proposal - INTEGRATED] - DAO Ops Budget Request

I support this budget request and will be voting yes.

I know there have been a lot of hard decisions being made in scaling back to focus on the most critical items, and I very much appreciate the diligence & thoughtfulness in all this work.

That said, I do want to call out one thing: I worry the S14 assessment is a bit rose-colored-glasses-y in that there is a lot of green, even in areas the workstream deemed worth scaling back for S15. From my perspective, these areas did struggle a bit to materialize and it was not totally clear to workstreams what DAO Ops would provide. vs. what would be sovereign to workstreams themselves.

As a WS lead, my hope for DAO Ops for S15 is that, in the areas of People Ops & Tooling in particular, we can get super clear on what is being worked on centrally within DAO Ops in service to Workstreams, vs. what is up to Workstreams themselves to manage & bring back best practices to the rest of the DAO. We still feel in kind of in-between territory for both of these.


After having a great conversation with @Jodi_GitcoinDAO and @krrisis, I highly support and recommend to approve this budget. Adjustment will be made during S15 and I’ve already seen improvements in their re-organization. + They are not requesting any budget for this season which is amazing as they will plan their expanse from past seasons reserves.

Thank you for being transparent and all the clarification.


I’m supportive of this proposal after reviewing it at a high level and seeing the positive comments from stewards especially those who worked closely with the workstream on feedback. I’m also happy to see that DAO Ops is using excess funds for the budget and returning any surplus beyond this to the DAO treasury.