Request for Proposal: GitcoinDao for climate change

GitcoinDao for climate change:

This is a proposal to propose idea of forming a DAO community to fight climate change. As we all know currently there is proposal for GitcoinDao is going on, adding one more element to fight climate change will help this world to prepare for future generation rights of fresh air.

I propose to form a DAO community across the globe with following roles:

  • Anyone who is interested can join Climate DAO which will fund the planting of trees activity in any area which is over deforested.
  • DAO team will try to tie up with every country government to reforest the areas which requires emergency reforestation
  • DAO community will also be responsible for promoting the activities among students of schools, colleges etc…
  • DAO community will promote this initiative among students across the globe to plant trees which will totally be funded by DAO community and fundraisers.

Website Structure:

A website in being developed where anyone can donate in ongoing campaigns, Donators can see details of planted tree with their donations in profile section of webpage.

The funds from DAO and fundraiser campaign for fighting climate change will totally we handled by DAOs and distributed accordingly across teams in different countries to plant trees.

Thank you, I am looking forward to have some more ideas on this…

Please give your suggestions and polish this idea of fighting Climate Change through DAO.


Update: I am working on proposing the budget for Climate DAO and Egregore

I hope gitcoin community would be interested to support this proposal, more ideas are most welcome!
If anyone of you interested to join the team with some skills which can turn this idea into reality are most welcome, please ping me up!

Thank you


Hi Piyush, take a look at KlimaDAO which you might find interesting. It won’t let me post links here but Just go to or


Hi! This is really interesting action.
In Greece we have big problem with fires these days and big forests and entire villages have been burned.
We are looking to create a team of people to start rebuild the forests before starting building houses .
I am really interesting to support this Dao and be active member.
Looking forward to see how things roll up.


Really interesting idea, tree planting seems like a good area to start on as a way to fight climate change as it can be easily verified using satellite imagery. Maybe the website could have a feature similar to citizen science projects like GalaxyZoo, where visitors to the site could be shown an image from LandViewer or some similar satellite imagery platform of an area that has claimed to be reforested, then the user could click to confirm (or not) if the image contains a bunch of trees?

I think that using the power of decentralized tools might be our best chance to coordiate as a species and avoid the worst case scenarios of climate change, I’d love to be part of your DAO - lets work together to defeat the most dangerous manifestation of Moloch.

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sure ping me up in mail, lets get connected

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KlimaDAO has now launched and is getting quite a lot of traction, I recommend you check it out.


It looks great, i will definitely look into this!
Thank you for your suggestion sir…

Thanks for the info, I’ve been reading a bit more about KlimaDAO and it sounds like just the sort of thing I’m looking for! Are you part of the team that founded it?

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Embarrassingly I can’t figure out how to send mail here, are direct messages hidden somewhere unintuitive?

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Click on a users avatar and select “:e-mail:Message”

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