Reporting Abuse of Gitcoin Explorer Front End

I have missed gitcoin very much, @owocki I love you, but please save the grace of our beloved King of open source funding, Gitcoin.

Ban the mf ers with unrealistic matching that abuse the goodwill of Gitcoin.

I have also had a call recently with one of the grant round operators that feature on the homepage,

they did not have any matching pool to begin with !!!

First they get on Gitcoin and then and only then they look for matching funding.


So, Pavel thanks for attention but just check a bit more deep next time and text me (we are following each other)

It’s mobile bug and I requested the support to correct it. Though it’s not easy. There is only increasing of matching pool. No way back

It was done unintentionally. And I posted about it right it happened

Now, I need to spent my time to bring another interpretation of reality from my side to cover your interpretation.

Please contact round managers next time before go public

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You know what! Maybe we can have Space to talk on abusing practices and other think around infrastructure?

Cause, I appreciate you activity on scammers/abusers fight

Btw, some conformation of my words on screenshot


thanks @Pfed-prog for raising this. we are working to balance being an open-source, permissionless platform with the ability to weed out spam or mistaken rounds. this is on our radar and we are working on a fix!

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Absolutely, I know it does not feel nice getting spammed all over social media just for highlighting the pretty obvious.

Very sure that gitcoin is the main source of funds and marketing for these projects


Noting that we’ve implemented a solution to remove β€œspam” or β€œtest” rounds from the front page. thanks for your patience!