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In the past several months, I’ve been working w @ccerv1 to do research on various public goods funding programs. During this time, we’ve had a heavy emphasis on both empirical data (leveraging our data skills) and working with program designers (like Gitcoin + Optimism), and theorists (like the authors of QF paper, and Vitalik’s vision for RPGF). It is in the intersection of these things that the magic happens.

Some of the example things that have been published so far:

  1. Long tail public goods funding
  2. Cradle-to-unicorn public goods funding - #8 by owocki
  3. Greenpill Impact SZN
  4. Levels of the game: the psychology of RetroPGF and how to build … — Carl Cervone
  5. Owocki’s Zuzalu Hackathon Project

Carl and I would like to formalize and expand the group of researchers working on publishing content like these posts, and so we are announcing the launch of the Research Group.

What is Regen

  1. A wiki hosted at, indexing various regen learnings.
  2. A research group hosted on telegram at Telegram: Join Group Chat
  3. Within the group, we aim to publish new regen learnings on a monthly (ish) cadence.
  4. Carl and I will be in the group to help separate signal from noise + elevate the biggest opportunities.
  5. Over time, as we learn in public, the learning velocity of regens will increase, compounding over time to create more momentum.

If you are a

  1. Theorist
  2. Program designer
  3. Data scientist
  4. or are just intellectually curious…

Please join the group. You can contribute or just lurk. We will be emergently brainstorming research subjects over the course of 2024.

WIP Idea backlog:

  1. Further delving into these
    1. There are at least four components to designing a voting strategy:
      1. Impact Vector: Identifying the type of impact you want to amplify over time.
      2. Distribution Curve: Determining how flat or skewed the eventual distribution of tokens to projects should be.
      3. Eligibility Criteria: Establishing parameters to determine which projects qualify.
      4. Award Function: Creating a formula or rubric to equate impact with profit.
  2. Impact Attestations
    1. Data Analysis on Impact Attestations
    2. Long tail Impact Attestestations
    3. How can A web of trust be built around impact attestations?
  3. Getting degens to the regen party.
    1. How could we get degens to emergently contribute to regen things?
    2. Perhaps we could invite them to speculate on RPGF?
  4. Novel directions in the shape rotators guide to funding what matters.
  5. Simulation Models you can tune + run out of the box.
  6. Building things on top of well curated data models like or OSObserver.
  7. Making all of the learnings indexed and queryable via an LLM.

Great! There are two most important issues in the field of public goods, how to measure the influence and how to allocate funds. We have been doing relevant research.

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this is good material, we need to forge more good entrepenerus and bring adoption in a regular basis. Standarize the Regeneative concept into daily life.

Thanks for you service.

we’ve now had this meeting 3x … checkout the recordings in this youtube playlist