Regenerative Society // Gitcoin Passport - Talk at ETHcc

Hi all,

At ETHCC this year, I will giving a talk entitled “Regenerative Society”. It is scheduled on Day 1: July 19th, at 10:30 in the room called : Main Stage.

The objective of the talk is to outline a vision for what happens when we are all coordinating on top of a decentralized society-like identity infrastructure, and introduce Gitcoin Passport as a tool for aggregating credentials (at first, for sybil resistance - but ppl could fork it + create their own scoring algorithms for other things). The call to action is to use Passport in your own dApp.

Here are the first two slides of the talk.

I would love feedback on the deck. I will be making edits right up until the talk on 1/19. Here is the deck. Please leave comments inline in the deck.