Regen CryptoEconomics Book: Governance

Hi all.

You may have seen on twitter that I’m writing a book entitled “Regenerative Cryptoeconomics”.

About the Book

Here’s what the book is about:

This book is about cryptoeconomic systems that create positive externalities for their neighbors & for the world.

We explore the intersection of programmable money, game theory, & mechanism design. We search for powerful new ways to to fund, design, develop, & market regenerative web3-era applications and digital assets. We launch the meme of regenerative crypto-economics into the world.

Here is some screenshots of a few key pages that will give you a good sense of what the book is about.

Release Date

I am planning on releasing this book in February 2022. I’ll likely have copies on-hand at ETHDenver 2022.

Governance of the Book

I want to talk a bit about governance of this book.

The 0th edition of this book was written by myself, Kevin Owocki. (OK technically its the 1st edition, but I wanted to show my programmer roots + zero base the edition number)

I’ve spent many years thinking about, designing, and studying, Regenerative Cryptoeconomics through my work founding Gitcoin in 2017 - through the $50mm we’ve raised for building & funding digital public goods since then.

In the course of writing this book have made many attempts to consult other founders, economists, & designers within (& outside) the ecosystem. But I was not able to include everything I learned. As a result, the 0th edition of this book is an imperfect vessel for education about Regenerative CryptoEconomics. It represents the limited vantage point of one person.

Some of you may know that I’ve recently been very inspired by Audrey Tang, and this quote especially resonates with me.

“My existence is not to become a minister for a certain group, nor to broadcast government propaganda. Instead, it is to become a ‘channel’ to allow greater combinations of intelligence and strength to come together." Audrey Tang

I would like to build a “channel to allow greater combinations of intelligence and strength to come together”. That means that the book should have stakeholders who can evolve it forward in ways that I can not. Inviting a wider set of participants to contribute will enable us to explore the design space in a more inclusive, more full, & more decentralized way.

For the next edition(s), I envision that a diverse group of individuals could co-create resources about the Regenerative CryptoEconomics design space.

In order to facilitate this:

  1. This book is licensed CC BY 4.0. You may permissionlessly fork this book, make changes, and republish them with attribution. (Instructions on how to fork coming after publish date)
  2. If you would like to join the community of writers and educators forming around this book, then please scan this QR code or go to this URL:
  3. I am considering putting together a n/m multisig of other prominent regen members of the community (both inside and outside of GitcoinDAO). I would then “imbue” governance rights for what makes it into a canonical 1st edition to that group. If you’d like to be considered, please click here.

For the m/n multisig, I was thinking it would be appropriate to leverage the GTC Governance structure by giving a minority of voting keys to the top 3 GitcoinDAO stewards, right now thats Austin, Linda, and Simona.

I know that @ceresstation and others in the Public Library are working on a proposal for public goods coalition. I’d be interested in leveraging that structure here too.

KPIS of the Book

The KPIS of the book launch are

  • greenpill as many people as possible.
  • raise $$$ for public goods.

greenpill = let people know about how powerful/lucrative/important regenerative cryptoeconomics are.


I am open to feedback about how to price the book; especially ideas for how to use the proceeds to fund the Gitcoin Grants Multsig. Please post below if you have an idea.

Distribution of the Book

I have found a print on demand vendor who will help us list the physical book at

I will also have books on hand at ETHDenver.

I am also considering digital distribution strategies. Please post below if you have an idea.

Feedback Welcome

Open to feedback on this thinking. Cheers!


One idea I had for distribution/sales was accepting suggested donations, and autographing the inside cover of the book in exchange for anyone who made a suggested donation of above 0.1337 ETH to multisig.gitcoindao.eth

I could give out these autographs at ETHDenver, or digitally via NFTs and/or a signature scheme like this:

Here’s a mockup of what the 2nd page of the book would look like for an autographed version.

Open to feedback. Do people care enough about this to even want an autographed version? Are there other ideas that are cooler?


Well, with NFTs and the Metaverse being the trend, another option would be with the donation threshold to enable a pass to the metaverse, when you already have your own space, such as a small video game pass for exclusive content, without being pay to win.


Love this idea. It would be great to tie the book into an oboarding flow for new DAO members. Especially those that took the green pill and then want to go deeper.

Also would be great to pull bite sized pieces out and use them as content to drive traffic to the green pill landing page we have discussed.

In terms of creating space to discuss the idea in the book and potential explore forks of the book I could imagine something like a book club and/or a discussion thread focused on deeper dives on the content.

Thanks for putting this out in the world and inviting the community in to be part of its evolution.


I love the autograph idea. I think issuing NFTs would also be a cool idea- where the NFT media is the cover and there’s a unlockable which is a full copy of the book.


I remember receiving gitcoin swag a couple of years ago. Is this still a thing? Maybe you could send the book to some hackathon winners? Especially if their project was somehow related to the topic.

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