Recap of Global Chinese Community (GCC) Round and Our Plan for GG19

In the recent “Global Chinese Community (GCC) for Public Goods” round on Gitcoin Grants (GG) 18, we witnessed an incredible show of support for 40 Chinese public goods projects. A total of 554 donors contributed $6,866.57, and thanks to Gitcoin’s quadratic funding mechanism, combined with factors like the number of contributors, donation amounts, and donor qualifications, GCC will match these donations with an estimated $12,564.77, which has been disbursed to the project accounts.

The projects funded in this round span various domains, including Ethereum infrastructure, DeSci, Security and anti-fraud, Education and policy advocacy, and Decentralized Public Governance. Notably, these initiatives have a broader impact across the entire Chinese-speaking community, extending beyond mainland China into the wider Web3 ecosystem.

Leading recipients of funding included projects such as DeSpace QF, dedicated to exploring transparent and efficient fundraising methods for space endeavors; Blocktrend, a blockchain-focused media outlet hailing from Taiwan; Nowhere Publishing, a physical bookstore in Taiwan with roots in Hong Kong, which leverages NFT technology to transform the book publishing process; and viaPrize, a Zuzalu public goods hackathon awardee aiming to create a platform for anyone to crowdfund prizes and incentivize public goods creation.

Moreover, the selected projects featured incubations from various Chinese DAOs and digital nomad communities. Notable examples include Donate3, and EIP Fun incubated by the LXDAO community, from the Upchain community, Web3Matters Weekly from the Matters community, and 4Seas DeSoc from the 4seas community, among others.

This marks the third occasion that GCC has organized a donation round for Chinese-language public goods during Gitcoin Grants. It’s heartening to see that even amidst a crypto market downturn, industry participants remain fervently supportive of public goods. The entrepreneurial landscape of Chinese public goods projects is becoming increasingly diverse and profound, with areas like decentralized science, still in its nascent stages, beginning to find representation, as seen with DeSci Asia.

We’ve also observed an influx of entrepreneurs from the Chinese communities all over the world. DHK DAO from Hong Kong, the art-focused FAB DAO from Taiwan, and projects like ABCD, catering to the entire Asian region, are forging a more inclusive and expansive Chinese-speaking ecosystem.

Now, it’s time to gear up for GG19. The upcoming “Global Chinese Community Round” promises even more excitement and impact. We’re delighted to announce we have two new partners joining in to support this round. They are Meta Pool and Mask Network. Meta Pool is a multi-chain, liquid-staking based ecosystem whoso objective is to provide easy and permissionless access to Web3 financial tools for everybody. And Mask Network is a cutting-edge browser extension supercharges your web browsing experience, seamlessly connects Web2 with the decentralized, censorship-resistant world of Web3.

Our focus remains on fostering innovation in areas such as Cryptography technology, Staking/LSD-fi related tech, Web3 Social, Dev tools & community, Security, Policy advocacy, and Tooling or research of decentralized governance.

Eligible projects will have the chance to receive support from GCC, Meta Pool and Mask Network and we’re eager to see how they’ll shape the future of the Chinese-speaking blockchain ecosystem. Stay tuned for the official launch, and join us in GG19 to make a real impact, support groundbreaking projects, and foster a more inclusive and vibrant ecosystem.

GCC at GG19 - Empowering the Global Chinese Community for Public Goods. Get ready to be a part of it! :rocket::earth_asia:


So excited to see past success! looking forward to greater results at GG19. Thanks @bobjiang and GGC. OKX Ventures is honored to be the venture partner for GGC round moving forward.