Question suggestions for a trivia round

Hi folks :wave:
Gitcoin Dao is sponsoring a round of trivia with 1Hive! Woo Hoo :partying_face:

We can create potential questions to use on the show that will really showcase Gitcoin and can communicate general faq-style information to an audience of 30-40. Please use this forum thread to talk about themes or areas to target. We will aim for a blend of easy to hard questions. The Producer and Host of the trivia show, TWells, has offered to assist with question writing.

Btw we (GitcoinDao) can probably present a short (<3-4 min) video at the halftime break. Will probably be a separate forum post about that coming up soon.

For now we will brainstorm out some ideas and questions, then sift through and gather 10 suitable and popular questions for use in the live trivia game-show (Dec 3 or 17).

In order to keep the game questions private and prevent cheating please post your suggestions to: Potential Trivia Questions: - Google Docs

I will restrict access to the document after we get a few dozen ideas. All suggestions will be subject to revisions by the Gitcoin Marketing team and 1Hive Trivia Production team. While it is a fun educational event there is also about $350 in prize money (provided by Gitcoin Dao) so we need to reasonably protect the questions. Ideally if you have a great question you don’t participate in the game. So you can leave the question writing to the pros if you choose. Myself and TWells from 1hive will work together from mid-Nov. to finalize the questions.

Here are a few sample questions to git you thinking…thanks for your support!

Eg: Q. What is the mission of Gitcoin?
A. To build and fund digital public goods
B. To build and fund digital corporate goods
C. To hire and train web3 developers
D. To locate Satoshi Nakomoto

Eg: Q. Who founded Gitcoin ?
A. Kevin Owocki
B. Austin Griffith
C. Santa Claus
D. Griff Green

Eg: Q. How much in total approximately, did Gitcoin fund and/or direct to grants, during the latest round?
A. 1 Million Dollars
B. 7 Million Dollars
C. 30 Million Dollars
D. 1 Billion Dollars


Q: How many Gitcoin Grant Rounds have there been to date?

A: 15
B: 9
C: 11
D: 69


I either didn’t see the Google Doc or it was added after I posted here. I added the question to it

No problem thanks for your suggestions!

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