Quadratic Lands Kudos

Hey all ,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that Gitcoin Kudos - the NFT marketplace we’ve been running since 2018, had a bunch of new Kudos minted in the last few weeks.

These Kudos are Quadratic lands themed - We envision the quadratic lands as a promised land; a place where everyones preferences for public goods are optimally expressed.

To me this looks like a place where

  1. There are numerous opportunities to create financial sovereignty while working side-by-side with people who share similar values.
  2. Individuals have sovereignty to make their own choices, but incentives are aligned for cooperation that generates both individual and community benefit.
  3. The economic infrastructure is a set of economic games with transparent rules that cannot be changed on us.
  4. Because of composability of blockchain-based systems, the surface area of opportunity is growing exponentially as the tools compound upon each other.

Anyway, the point is that we’re celebrating the QL by creating some NFTs that are QL themed :slight_smile:

Click here to browse the QL Kudos, and I’ve even taken the liberty of creating an NFT airdrop for the first 100 visitors to this community hangout. Click the kudos below to partcipate.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 7.44.01 PM


Oh and I almost forgot - there is an active Graphic Design Bounty to visualize the QL on the platform rn. Checkout some of the submissions:





Will look more into what exactly is this quadratic lands. Seems very exciting stuff, I’m all for DAOs.
Kudos are pretty cool concept, I minted one so far and was planning to make way more, even animated, though I didn’t got rewarded for the 100 ones minted because the application form somehow defaulted to gitcoin address, even though I pasted my address. Not too happy about hijacking this thread, but I didn’t get any reply in several months now BIG issues regarding my very first Kudos · Issue #323 · gitcoinco/kudosbadges · GitHub

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When I went to redeem, got Error 403.

Dude! i love the design,i have no idea how Kudos works, i tried to chip in one but it didn’t work,I guess I don’t have Eth on my portis wallet,could be that.But I eagerly want some of your works as my desktop wallpaper, I saw its a NFT, but do you have your art on someplace that I could use it for free? i hope this won’t annoy you,I really appreciate it but I don’t have funds.