Quadratic Lands Infographic 🗺

Back when GitcoinDAO launched, the governance token distribution experience was called “Quadratic Lands.”

We could have dryly named today’s launch “Governance Token Distribution Center”, but we didn’t. Quadratic Lands :rainbow: was conceived as a meme for a place where community goods are well funded with non-coercive market-based mechanisms + digital democracy reigns.

I wanted to let everyone know that SuperModular, which still maintains https://store.gitcoin.co/, dropped a new item on the store today - the Quadratic Lands Treasure Map Infographic.

Here it is.

This treasure map is meant to be a celebration of the journey that Gitcoin has been on from 2017-2022.

You can get a physical print or high res copy of the infographic here. Or browse all items on the store at https://store.gitcoin.co/.


(oh and btw, if the MMM ever wants to take over the custodianship of the https://store.gitcoin.co/, they are welcome to. feel free to just let us know)

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Great idea for late Christmas gifts :butterfly: