Public Musical Token

Lets create eletronic songs to profit on paid platforms like youtube. and share the profits with metamask users.

What you guys think about that?


I am really interested in that idea! Take a look at this post


Im listening to this app, really cool.

I already have an MVP for a musical dapp. Lets build more dapps o/


Can you share more about this dapp?
I could give you some useful feedback :wink:

good good good good good good good good good idea .

They already have bar type venues on cryptovoxels. But i think it would be cool to buy the cheapest land/blocks and build them into valuable blocks by attracting like minded cypher punks with cool nos music and gaming shit. Btw decentraland has casinos with djs too!:metal:t5:

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Very interesting do you have a link to check them out??