Public Goods / Open Call for Proposals

Hi all, Toby from Other Internet here.

I wanted to make a post to call Stewards’ attention to this call for proposals Other Internet is conducting in collaboration with Gitcoin.

The open call seeks writing at 1200 words that makes the case for a future or an existing public goods project (within or beyond the crypto space). Submissions can be sent here by August 17th. The best responses will be awarded 1ETH.

We are conducting this project because we’d love to see more values-based public goods that, per our research, create positive externalities, proposed by Stewards and people they know.

This proposal is not limited to people working in the crypto space. We’ve got a very diverse approval board and would like to see orgs outside of crypto who are working in the public’s benefit applying. If you’re involved in Gitcoin, it’s likely you have friends and colleagues who are doing something relevant. Please tell them about the RFP and encourage them to apply! And of course, we encourage you to apply with your own ideas as well, responding to the linked prompt.

See the linked post for more details!


Where are we in reviewing these proposals for this. I put forward one of my white paper outlines and am curious to see how my review will be perceived.

I found the results, Im grateful for everyone involved in making this grant possible. This project and what comes from these shared ideas, is exsacly what we need in our world.

Freedom to share and contribute our thoughts and ideas equally, for our society’s co-creative evolution
I have always though that, this is the way we reach maximum efficiency in our evolution.

I would like to get some insight on my review, I’m not a scholar, so Im grateful for any help in what I could fix in my written approach.

If you’d like we could include you in the Public Library as part of the workstream to talk about your proposal too! feel free to drop me a DM on this and I’ll help you through

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