[PROPOSAR] A new platform for GTC beyond ERC!

  • Currently, gas of erc has been too high and that leads to the hesitation about gas of investors. Moreover, there are too many new platforms springing up with too many incentives such as BSC, Fantom, Matic, Heco…
  • This leads to a large number of investors switching to holding tokens with high incentives and low costs. ERC will only be for real whales. This can be seen as a clear class division. And that’s not good for the community project at all.

GAS is at ATL lol furthermore, cb, binance etc CEXs listed GTC already.


1 GTC = 13$. 100$ to soon. :)))

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With cross chain bridges getting more reliable and convenient to use (gas fee, no fear of rug pull etc) would it not make sense to become chain agnostic, have tokens split across chains? Have no favourite chain - teach people about each one. Even if it was for 1:1 - when you move GTC from one chain to another you burn the tokens on the previous chain to keep the circulating amount stable? Thoughts?

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