[Proposal] Streamlining Governance Processes


Streamline DAO governance with clearer proposal categories, updated manual, improved labelling, steward approval thresholds & exploring development of a constitution.


Based on the feedback received in the discussion phase we have updated our suggestions and limited the scope to items which have received general support.


Lack of clarity & standardisation often leads to confusion when categorising & processing proposals. While the governance manual provides some guidance, it overlaps & ambiguities remain, particularly with proposals that do not fit neatly into established categories. This hinders effective documentation, procedure adherence & iterative development of governance processes.


1. Clarifying Proposal Categories

Introduce Onchain and Offchain master categories with subcategories, providing clear guidelines to streamline and categorize proposals accurately.

Offchain Offchain Onchain Onchain
Social Legal Admin Token
Agreements enforceable by peer pressure which do not require changes to any contracts. Agreements enforced by the legal system and which involve updating the legal setup Agreements enforced by the blockchain which involves Making changes onchain without changing token balance Agreements enforced by the blockchain which requires changing token balance
Establishing/modifying DAO cadence Electing/removing foundation director Updating governor contracts Sending/receiving/depositing/withdrawing/staking/lending/borrowing tokens
Ratifying DAO-wide goals Establishing/disbanding legal entities such as Grant Lab Forming/disbanding multi-sigs
Modifying/electing council members (Grants council) Dissolving the foundation Adding/removing members to any multi-sig
Establishing/modifying constitution Delegating tokens
Changing Governance policies, tooling or other mechanics Adding/removing Hats to a member or a multi-sig

2. Explore the development of a constitution

A constitution for Gitcoin would establish fundamental principles & precedents governing the organisation. While smart contracts ideally enforce these principles, our current industry limitations mean we can’t codify everything. Therefore, a legally binding constitution would serve as a supreme guiding document, outlining core values, structures, and functions. We will explore the development of a constitution that captures the high-level goals of the DAO and post it as a draft document on the forum for further feedback.

3. Introducing Minimum Steward Approval Thresholds

To ensure higher quality proposals & reduce spam, we propose implementing minimum voting power thresholds for steward approval based on proposal type. This approach requires stewards to have more significant investment in each proposal type, thereby improving the signal from the community. The suggested thresholds are as follows:

Type Social Legal Admin Token
Minimum VP 1 10 100 1000

4. Improved proposal labelling

Based on which stage a proposal is in its life cycle, it is primarily the responsibility of the author to label the proposals as follows:

  • Initiating proposals as drafts for community feedback, marked as [DRAFT].
  • A “temperature check” phase to gauge community sentiment, indicated as [TEMP CHECK].
  • Finalising the proposal for voting, labelled as [READY]
  • After the final vote has concluded, labelled as [PASSED/FAILED]

5. Updating & organizing the Governance Manual

Revise the governance manual to include recent changes, simplify governance roles into three main types, and delegate manual updates to the governance coordinator.

Voting options

  • Yes, approve these changes

  • No, reject these changes

  • Abstain


Based on my comments being integrated from the previous post, I am in support of this proposal.


Based on the amendment from the original post, I am in full support of this proposal! I would add that creating a simple PWA that assist individuals with creating a proposal with the right labeling can also make creating a proposal seamless. I could assist with this. Great job as usual @jengajojo

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Thanks for integrating the feedback. I am in support of this proposal!

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I am also in support of this proposal. Very much appreciate the work it took to co-create this with various members of the team.


As a DAO Maxi, i’ve been following on the development of this proposal and i love the clarity on the processes; i fully support it.


I think that this resembles original needs and a new workflow.
I support this proposal.

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