[Proposal] Spam dust donations

As some accounts are farming trying to farm future airdrops, spamming grants with really small amounts. Can we do something about it?

It occurs to me two things:

  • disable alerts for donations lower than X.
  • upgrade grants contracts and prevent dust amounts (that way if they want to spam farm at least a donation is significant to the grants).

These are great suggestions. We have talked about trying to “increase the price of forgery” (ie, set the min contribution to $1 USD), but there are a lot of complications with us doing that (ie, unintended consequences with smaller tokens, conversion accuracy requirements at checkout, etc.).

I love the idea on at least changing the threshold on notification! Let’s see if we can get that in for GR10.


Agree with the proposal for without notification for some donations (e.g less than 1 USD).
This should be configurable for grant owner.


Very good idea :+1: are airdrops completely random?

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