[Proposal] Revolutionizing Fashion E-commerce: Giva Ecosystem - Integrating Giva.app and Giva Academy

[Proposed Round Name]
Giva Ecosystem: Empowering Designers and Students through Web3

Social Handle of Giva Ecosystem :
Giva Ecosystem Socials:
Giva Ecosystem Telegram: Telegram: Contact @GivaEcosystem1
Giva Academy: Telegram: Contact @GivaAcademy1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giva_app?igsh=MWdzYnh3dnhveXZ4aQ%3D%3D&utm_source=qr
Twitter: x.com
Linkedin: GIVA ECOSYSTEM on LinkedIn: GIVA ECOSYSTEM | LinkedIn

Eligibility Criteria:
The project primarily focuses on fashion design, e-commerce, and education within the Web3 space.

Round History:
This is the first time this round is being run on Gitcoin Grants.

Additional criteria include:

  • Integration with or utilization of TON/NEAR blockchain
  • Commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion practices
  • Innovative use of NFTs in fashion design or authentication
  • Contribution to the Giva.app and Giva Academy platforms

Team Running This Round:

  • Round Operator: [Onuoha Rhoda], FashionTech Entrepreneur/Growth Marketer, with 6+ years experience in web3/ Growth Marketing.

Social Handle/ portfolio:
Portfolio: bit.ly/Onuoharhoda

Alignment with Gitcoin’s Mission and Essential Intents:
Giva Ecosystem aligns with Gitcoin’s mission by empowering fashion designers through Web3 technologies, fostering a more open and innovative creative economy while educating community members about the whole web3/blockchain ecosystem. Giva.app aligns with Gitcoin’s essential intent of accelerating the adoption of digital public goods by bringing fashion into the Web3 space.

Anticipated Size of the Matching Pool:
The matching pool is anticipated to be 6000 USDT, fundraised through SHEISNEAR grassroots DAO((Approved)Giva x she is near collaboration || onboarding fashion brands in the community into giva platform - She is Near - NEAR Forum), Giva Academy, and Family/Friends.

Funding address: [

We plan to expand future fundraising through website sales, partnerships with Web3 investors interested in fashion tech on the blockchain, and Token Launch.

E-commerce Revenue: We are currently using Shopify to raise funding as well while we build out the major MVP
Web3 Investor Partnerships
Fashion Brand Collaborations
Giva Academy Course Fees
Token Launch

Advisors for This Round:

Funding Mechanism:
We are using Quadratic Funding because it aligns with our goal of democratizing support for fashion designers

Community Size and Engagement:
Our community consists of approximately 1000 members across Giva.app and Giva Academy. Tangible metrics include 500+ Subscribers to our current waitlist(www.giva.app) and 50+ full students enrolled in Giva Academy courses.

Type of Projects to Fund:
We aim to Sponsor 2000 more students into the Academy to train them on web3 adoption through a scholarship basis.

Estimated Number of Eligible Grantees:
We believe that 2000 Students will be eligible to apply for the Scholarship at Giva Academy.

Impact Assessment Plan:
Giva Academy can verify the impact of scholarships on 2000 students by implementing a comprehensive evaluation strategy involving data collection, analysis, and qualitative feedback, while also tracking student outcomes over time and comparing scholarship recipients to a control group.

Additional Considerations:
Community members should consider the potential for the Giva Ecosystem to transform the fashion and education industry by making it more accessible, sustainable, and aligned with Web3 principles.

Potential Conflicts of Interest:
No potential conflicts of interest


This is an amazing and unique idea to empower fashion designers and creatives with web3 technologies.

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Well enlisted, Integration with or utilization of TON blockchain
Commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion practices.


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The Future of Fashion and Web3 in Africa🚀

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Hi, @MathildaDV kindly look into this and let us know our flaws if there are any. thank you

Thank you for your proposal! One question:

For this piece, I’m not sure I fully understand. Will you have 2,000 grantees in this round?

Hi Mathilda,

I appreciate your prompt response. The grant is intended for the Giva ecosystem to expand our academy and attract more students, including fashion designers, to the blockchain space. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Web2 professionals and the blockchain industry.

Based on our experience, many people remain unfamiliar with this technology. This became evident when our academy offered a free introductory course, which drew significant interest but revealed a widespread lack of understanding among participants. Unfortunately, we couldn’t accommodate all interested students for the intensive training due to the costs associated with maintaining tutors and sessions.

I hope this clarification addresses your questions. Please let me know if you need any further information.

Thank you for your consideration.

Who will be the grantees in your round?

Do your community members have projects that could apply to the round? Or are you looking to fund the ecosystem as a whole?

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Our team will oversee the entire selection process, akin to a sponsorship program. Our paid course is priced at a modest $20 per person. Providing this opportunity to selected members will have a significant impact, compared to 2000 students self-funding their participation, which would exceed the requested amount.

Recognizing the importance of this initiative and given that this is our inaugural scholarship program for both our members and interested individuals, we are committed to managing the selection process comprehensively from beginning to end. This approach ensures we can carefully curate participants and maximize the program’s effectiveness.

This is our website encompassing the whole ecosystem: www.giva.app

I understand. I’m still unclear, however, how many grantees you are expecting to participate in your round. Would you mind clarifying for me? This is important in order for you to be eligible. If you’re planning on funding 2,000 students in this Quadratic Funding round, how are you going about setting it up? Will each student apply as a grantee?

If you haven’t yet, please take a look at the Round Operator Runbook linked in the eligibility. It’s a very useful guide to help you set yourself up for success!

Let me know if I can help provide more clarity on anything!

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We are applying as a single grantee for this Quadratic Funding round. We aim to provide scholarships for approximately 2,000 students to participate in our blockchain and Web3 education program, normally costing $20 per person.

Our selection process will be as follows:

  1. First, we’ll offer the scholarship opportunity to our existing 1,000 students, giving them priority to apply.

  2. we’ll scout for additional external students to fill the remaining scholarship slots.

  3. All existing and new, will go through a registration process that includes answering a set of carefully designed questions.

  4. Our team will review these applications and select the best-fit candidates for the scholarships based on their responses.

This approach allows us to:

  • Reward our current engaged students
  • Expand our reach to new potential students
  • Ensure that scholarship recipients are well-suited for the program

As the grantee, our team will manage this entire selection process, from promoting the opportunity to making final selections. This method enables us to maintain the quality of our student body while significantly expanding access to our educational program.

We believe this structured approach will maximize the impact of the grant, allowing us to educate a large number of African fashion creators and entrepreneurs in Web3 technologies and blockchain fundamentals.

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re wanting to apply as a grantee in GG21, and not as a Community Round? To participate in GG21 as a Community Round, you need to run a round, where you have a community of grantees that you’re funding that apply to your round.

Also, if you are planning on running a round, using Quadratic Funding for a single grantee is not the best funding mechanism – this sounds more like Direct Grants.


What do you advice we do? Thank you for this update

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