[Proposal] rankings for noobs and pros

According to Proof of Knowledge that Gitcoin is also learning driven for New IT Folks. I am one of the new IT Folk and I want to learn more in Blockchain but there are hurdles that motivates me and that is “MONEY”. We need money to work, live and sleep ( also for countless subscriptions, if needed ). Learning in free does not work in real life, we need to fail in order to learn and if we will not fail, we fail to learn. And we noob devs we could not fit in for for there are countless projects that fit for us but flooding with pros submission, which could not help us evaluate our skills because of unrecognized determination we have in the project.

I know business models are in ASAP. But making noobs to pros is a good investment to the IT society for there are scarcity of good IT folks out their. Good example of that is the 90’s pros are turning into age. We could not tell when and where they will die and retire, and we could not let them work for the company until the end of their lives. And according to code.org video “code stars” there will be 1.4 mill jobs needed in computer science and only 400k individuals are only qualified for the job from the time they publish the video.

So I am proposing a division for pros and noobs to filter-out the pros to come in noobs projects and noobs come to pros projects . I am not making a label of each dev on what set of level they are, but to showcase their selves and proof their value of their skills in making decentralized blockchain and other platforms.

And I also observe each submission of the participants are not related to the guidelines showcased in the description of the bounty. So I think this is a need to the platform to correct participants and participate properly on the said event.

My motivation for this thread is to help me and other colleagues like me who is still starting in IT industry to learn more and not just learning but gaining some $$$$ to increase our motivation to do the job. And I am glad to see more people interested to my proposal.

PS: sorry if English of mine is not so proficient.

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