[Proposal] Make Merch with MetaFactory 🤖

I’ve been dreaming of some kind of merch drop powered by Gitcoin designers for ages, would be great to get a collab competition of sorts going to crowd source designs for shirts, pants, $SOCKS or whatever kind of swag the community would like and distribute those items through the https://metafactory.ai/ portal, perhaps with some sort of proof of contribution that makes you eligible :thought_balloon:

Will keep pondering on this idea, if anyone else is excited about helping HMU :incoming_envelope:


I’m very late on this but I think this would be awesome, tbh given the Colorado vibes hacky sacks could be a good meme.


I’m hearing whispers of white denim vests with Robot patches on them :robot:


Love MetaFactory and Gitcoin, let me know how can I help!

Awesome idea, would love to help out

sounds cool idea. let us know about details, I would love to help

I think having merch you can earn that is unique and is an NFT would be pretty rad.

I like that idea, kind of like https://www.dripp.farm/ did :man_farmer:t2: what kind of things would you suggest people “do” to earn the merch ?

Actions or something else ?

Hackathon winners for one.

Would be great to setup a season where top hackers earn kudos and can get custom merch with kudos patches showing off their accolades in life and the meta verse!


Dreams do come true :robot::sparkles::jeans:

yeeeeeah, i bought multiple pairs.


I still properly need to wrap my head around this stuff, but I can make iron on embroidery patches and later this year pin badges as well.

I have a free open source game project https://AncientBeast.com and want to have it as DAO eventually and even allow community members to make and sell project related merchandise, so… Metafactory might be something I was actually looking forward to.