[Proposal: Liquidity Mining] for GTC/ETH LP

Gitcoin is a multi faceted beast, it has community members from all corners of the crypto ecosystem and encompasses a number of different stake holders from many many chains.

Given that level of diversity I would wager that a significant number of community members haven’t participated in DeFI yet.

This is an opportunity to not only expand our user base, but to educate them on DeFi and work to bring a tighter coupling of those communities.

What I propose is that we incentivize a GTC/ETH LP pool with funds from the community treasury.

This is the first step in a much larger vision that I am working to enable, one that will provide a net positive value return into the Gitcoin fly wheel and empower the community as it funds open source.

I am asking that we start discussions on how to enable this with the hopes of having a proposal out by the end of this weekend.

The mechanisms by which to enable the liquidity mining can be sussied out but the easiest path to start this would be with an “SNX” Rewards contract that emits GTC to staked LP tokens.

Why do we want this?

Once we have more capital allocated to the Gitcoin community the creation of a pass through staking page becomes the next logical step where can exchange their yield for GTC emissions, with the yield going to the DAO treasury/potentially other incentive structures for GTC.

Should we incentivize a liquidity pool?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain (Results)

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Would be great too that if you are opposed you could express why.

Yes. I think this is best way to make more user hold GTC and give some profit from it.


Armar un LP, no es tarea sencilla, primero deberíamos saber en que Dapps se armaría, la más aconsejable sería Uniswap, pero con la alta volatilidad del mercado los LP podrían ser un problema por un posible Impermanent loss, una opción para proponer sería estaquear GTC, obviamente debería estar disponible esta opción.

Personally, I like the idea: GTC is a pure governance token with no economic value.

Personally I think it’s a great idea, liquidity mining would incentivize the token holders and also increase it’s economic value.