Proposal for a weekly Grants 2.0 Progress Thread

There is one thing that is clear to me after this budgeting season: The stewards, workstream leads, and other constituents, all believe that Grants 2.0 is of central import to GitcoinDAO.

Which leads me to think that facilitating the Grants 2.0 build out is maybe the most important thing we could do in S14.

This leads me too think that it would be worthwhile if there was a weekly thread on this governance forum that showed off the progress towards Grants 2.0. Such a thread could be similar to the weekly GitcoinDAO Digest Thread, but only focus on product progress for Grants 2.0. These weekly udpates would help

  1. create a drumbeat of progress for Grants 2.0
  2. facilitate sharing of information about the current course & speed of the product teams.
  3. build confidence in our speed in direction
  4. allow for course correction (if needed) early because progress would be shared on a weekly interval

My thinking is that a weekly thread with updates from the product managers of

  1. Proof of Personhood Passport
  2. Round Manager
  3. Grants Hub
  4. Anything else being built in Grants 2.0 world

would be worth while.

I think that weekly cadence is nice because its short enough that the feedback cycles can still be iterative. But it’d be long enough that progress can be expected WoW.

What do yall think? If there is consensus , then I’d be happy to kick off the first one for the week starting May 16th 2022.


Great call, @owocki – here we are with the first edition. I’ll drive this every week, so any feedback and questions are welcome to improve future editions.

:point_right: Weekly Grants 2.0 Update


amazing, reading now. thanks leon!

are you going to update this thread every week or create a new thread every week? if the latter, it might make sense to date the thread in the title.

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Thank you yeah – I was going to add the thread every week. So would not date it.

my 002 wei: it’d be cleaner to have a new thread each week. long threads are easy to get lost in (esp bc if we are successful people will be commenting a lot back and forth about grants 2.0 product functionality) but its up to you!

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Makes sense, thanks, Kevin. I dated the title of the previous update and will date future ones, too.

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