[Proposal] dExplorer (Bounty / Fund Bounty)


With the exponential growth of Gitcoin and its transition to a DAO some improvements went unnoticed,
I believe that the explorer and foundation of Bounties is very important for the whole ecosystem so I propose some modifications.


  • Today we store the bounties in a centralized database, I propose to store this data in arweave,
    decentralizing information from both the github base and the gitcoin base.
  • Explorer There is no notification, it is necessary to be in discord or keep giving F5 on the page, or be notified by email
    of a new bounty or hackathon


I’m an explorer, hunter and founder who loves being on gitcoin and I see exponential value in everything we build, I would like to improve this ecosystem.


  • I estimate a 8 weeks job between design construction, react application with all integrations

dExplorer Roundmap

1 and 2 weeks

  • build a new design
  • Improve Search Filters
  • Improve the Design of Featured Bounts
  • built an application in React
  • Integration with arweave

3 and 5 weeks

  • Mobile Application

6 and 8 week

  • Building a firefox/chrome extension as bounty notifications
  • CrossChain Native - Ability to create bountys on any compatible EVM chain


Budget required for construction is GTC 7736 GTC

Why should this proposal go to vote?

I am always thinking about improving the things I consume and use, I believe that improving the explorer will improve the relationship between bounty founders and hunters thus increasing the speed in building applications and joining web3 projects


I am not very savvy with budget estimations but the idea sound very good. Maybe this is a dumb question but what is the mobile application for? Notification of new bounties to your cell phone or something?

I thought of literally a mobile application using ReactNative for dExplorer, with the focus on founding bountys and applying to bountys. think of the world of possibilities of a mobile application in many places in the world how people look for a mobile application when accessing a responsive application. I don’t have the data but I believe a large portion of gitcoin is accessed by mobile devices.