[Proposal] Bring DAOs close to the average citizen, and let them open their eyes

With the last crash of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have suffered a big dip. This has cause an incredible panic to retail investors and holders. It should not be like that as the block-chain technology has been accepted everywhere.

Why not give a little push for the normal retail investor and give them a token reward with value, but only can be use in Gitcoin to help fund other projects?
As the new individual starts learning, the reward would help understand the learner the potential for DAO in multiple areas to improve the world around us?


That’s a nice idea. I hope that the creators will see this suggestion :bulb: :+1:

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Thanks for your response, I will draft it properly and start spreading the rumor.
We can start sharing this world for the average 9 - 5.

Disruption started!!


It does not have to be a just a rumour :slight_smile:

Draft it and put it here. I would love to see the full the idea.


@walidmujahid @Acsila
I am now finishing most of the project, please check it.

Let me know your thoughts, and most importantly share it if you think its making a difference!

It’s time for a revolution.

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good idea let more prmium tokens participate in voting.
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Good project, send your testnet project I will like to test y’all new token and coin