[Proposal - Akita] Allotment of GTC to Akita holders or Alternative Voting Structure

I propose GitCoin provide an allotment of GTC for Akita holders OR change the voting structure for the Akita proposal vote to include Akita holders.

Since the donation, it has become blatantly obvious that the longevity and sustainability of Akita is directly tied to the decision of voters on the GitCoin community. Given that the timing of the Akita donation was after the required donations to GitCoin projects (to claim GTC), many Akita holders without affiliation to GitCoin were not privy to the information necessary to get that grant of GTC tokens. A donation of Akita tokens means a reduced value per token. That is a donation from the Akita community, in effect.

There are now several proposals for how to utilize the Akita donation. Akita holders have a direct stake in the outcome, their participation in voting is imperative.

In alternative to providing GTC directly to Akita holders (likely expensive and inefficient), I propose changing the voting structure for the Akita proposal to a venue which would allow for Akita holders inclusion into the voting process. I propose that a poll vote be taken to see if there is community support.


I’m sorry but I don’t agree with this proposal at all, the Gitcoin Community and grant donors received the GTC airdrop for their support using and funding public goods through the platform.

I don’t see any justification for giving AKITA holders tokens from the GitcoinDAO, as they have brought zero value or utility into the Gitcoin ecosystem.

Hopefully we can get this AKITA vote up for a snapshot soon and close this interesting, albeit bizarre governance experiment behind us and get back to building.


It’s a really bad proposal, and there’s no reason to associate it. This is just the governance of GTC. Please be serious


Your comments are dismissive and offensive.

From my understanding, GitCoin has raised about $21.4 million for software development. It is also my understanding that the current market value of the Akita donation is roughly $131 million. That would make this an extremely sizable potential value to funding the public goods projects GitCoin deems worthy. Let’s not kid ourselves.

On top of that, further community involvement can only be seen as a value-add in a project meant to be a public good. That Akita community deserves to be at this table.

An alternative would be to change the voting structure and allow Akita holders to participate directly in a vote on these proposals.

Wow, self-righteous much?

This platform is about to helping developers build products, not making speculators of dog coins rich.


This proposal truly has had one upside: I saw this shared in my network and instantly got triggered.
Thanks for proposing, after adventuring through L2 spaces and helping at Solana, I came to senses and returned to the true DAOs lmao

Sorry, but I don’t think this would make sense at all - It just doesn’t fit what this community is build upon, just because they donated funds. Ideologically supporting the Devs for a social experiment, but the motives behind buying into Akita are limited to “for the luls” and “when lambo, invested 39$!”

Was fun to watch though and thanks for the proposal!

Hi Gitcoiners :3


You said it, every 2 days there are like 20 new posts about that dog.