[Proposal] Aave Grants DAO Partnership Proposal

yes,alokasikan dananya ke kemitraan


Glad to see that you were able to get AGD onboard.

  • Yes, allocate the funds to the partnership

As both a long time Gitcoin contributor and Aave Grants DAO reviewer, I look forward to seeing this partnership be pushed forward and benefit both eco-systems!


Hi Gitcoin, Bill from Aave Grants :wave:

Excited to see this proposal go live. I can confirm the $25k allocation mentioned. We will be providing the funding in GHO!


So, since my brother is sleeping, I am forwarding his article into the thread.

Very curious if he could apply for the round, or this would again be met with stern criticism and subsequent ban on aave forum.

If this is YES, then I am absolutely furious and against such “collaboration”

I do not think that Aave has a bandwidth to deal with grantees in a polite manner and Gitcoin does not have a competency to know reliably what Aave needs.

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Excited about this collaboration – hope it’s just the beginning of working together.

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I will be voting yes to this proposal. @Sov where are the funds landing if this proposal gets approved?

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They will be used to fund the round contract on Grants Stack once the round has concluded.

@Sov I think we need a multisig address to custody the funds ahead of the round. Can you provide that?

I’m a “yes” but I’d love to know more about how we plan to leverage this partnership for a win-win beyond the brand recognition we’ll get from partnering with a stellar brand like Aave :slight_smile:

How are we defining and tracking success of our partners, both in support of their growth but also to validate our hypothesis/publicised stance that Grants = Growth?

As an org, what learnings are we hoping to pull from this partnership in particular?

I think it would be really exciting to frame future partnerships as experiments and outline the experiment in those proposals. Ex: “X ecosystem is currently struggling with Y problem and we’re testing a program designed around A,B,C to see how it impacts Y”

Just some food for thought in order to we work together towards solidifying our narrative further through intentional experimentation w/ grants program design :1:


Sure, the objectives for this round are focused on rewarding past Aave Grants DAO grantees who are still actively building in their ecosystem.

All previous grants have been via Direct Funding Mechanisms so this round brings a new approach via QF to help fund these grantees and drive continued incentives for builders in the broader Aave Ecosystem.

In terms of lessons learned, we can use this opportunity to gain insights from one of the most established grant programs in Web3 today (Aave Grants DAO) and use that feedback to improve products and processes.

I understand your comment on solving a problem, but in this case, I feel we are more likely to partner to experiment with and try new funding mechanisms than to address a problem that exists in our partner’s current approach.

Thanks as always for your thoughtful feedback!


I will be voting YES on this proposal. I’d love to see more collaborations like this. I have a few tactical questions about project themes and eligibility that I will park until the time comes.


Given this is on optimism and they will be sending OP tokens we can use the existing optimism.gitcoin.eth multisig

Thanks for your support. Happy to help with any questions you might have as we go forward!

This proposal has reached the requirements to take it to a vote, which is now live on Snapshot: Snapshot

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I have voted yes on this for practical considerations, but did want to flag that it should have ideally gone through the GG20 council that has the power to award matching on matching funds.

Esp since the amounts (25k) fell within the 125k budget of community rounds that we can award


Thanks for this.

Yes, this proposal predated the work with the Community Council, so I will consider that moving forward.

I also think there may be situations in which we would like to request funds for strategic partnerships that would run rounds outside the normal cadence of GG, so, in those instances, we may see more of this (but would be the exception more than the rule).

Thanks for all you do!


This snapshot has closed and option 1 “Yes” has won.

The full text for the option was: “Yes, allocate $25k”

1,618 unique votes
~5.1M GTC tokens cast.

Thank you to the author for the proposal and to all the GTC token delegates who cast their vote.

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Thanks for this. I’ll work from here with the team at AGD to get the round launched. I appreciate the support from the community on this request!

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I have started a separate topic on Avara, not Aave apparently

Please participate in discussion

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