Proposal: A Decentralized Way For Securing Bounties While Making Profit For GTC Stakers

Problem: I have done this bounty ( Create a page allowing POH members to ask for a picture from Artistical Intelligence | artisticalintelligence Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin | Gitcoin ) and now the bounty creator doesn’t communicate and I have no way to make sure that I will get paid.

Suggested Solution: I was thinking to implement an arbitrable smart contract that is secured by Celest protocol in a way in which the bounty creator is forced to lock the reward into the contract so in case of a dispute Celest court can decide for the reward.
I also want to implement it in a way so that the locked money will be pipe into a yield farming protocol ( like 88mph ) so the locked money won’t be idle. The generated profit from 88mph will be distributed between bounty owner and GTC stakers.


Hey @Ajand!

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I think it’s a legitimate question to ask, are “These Bounties” sustainable, from the developer perspective but also from the bounty creator “vision”.

It’s not the first time I can see or read a user or dev “Not Complaining” but simply demanding inquiries about the payments following his work on a particular bounty.

What is the definition of sustainability: Good Coordination, Good Communication, Supportable, Viable, Livable and feasible…

I think you bring a good point that we could discuss further with the community.

Cheers! :nerd_face:


Hi @Ajand

Glad to have you here, so would you share the github pr here?
I cannot visit the Gitcoin bounty page (perhaps the owner removed them, Damn it!)

Thanks a lot :wink:

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@bobjiang Oh, no. It’s actually a private repo hosted at and Happily, the owner started to communicating again, and everything is fine for now. But I think if we’re going to make bounties decentralized we need to first make them trustless and censorship-resistant.


Thanks for posting this idea Ajand. I will support this proposal. It is a good example of supporting other daos.

Celeste also has potential to be used in the appeal processes and I am trying make this happen.


So glad it has worked out!
The owner disappearing is not exactly a fitting set of circumstances for an interesting set of ‘conflict resolution’ techniques.
Now, if they claimed that the deliverable was lacking and refused to pay…

Would such a scenario make an interesting test case for a head-to-head Kleros and Celeste comparison, or is it too specific or too trivial?