Proof of Impact Thread 🧵

The purpose of this thread being placed here is an attempt to spread positivity to other Grantees who are willing to go out of their way to share how they utilize the funding from their grants. Hopefully :pray: this type of activity becomes contagious in the realm of public goods & grant funding.

All members of Gitcoin are free to post their Proof of Impact in this thread :thread:…!

It doesn’t have to be Grant related.

We will occasionally update this post with work that we have completed :+1: to sum up our contributions to the Gitcoin ecosystem.

Starting with the GAP (Grantee Accountability Protocol) which allows for fellow grantees or grant round operators to keep track of the funding & milestones for their projects using the Ethereum Attestation Station :station: to document :bookmark_tabs: everything onchain.

Here is an update from the past month of work that entails our Proof of Impact !!! :red_circle::pray::red_circle:

This work involved showing transparency & accountability for previous grants or milestones related to our development. Setting a positive example for other members of both the Optimism & Gitcoin community.

We want to introduce fellow grantees who have received grants from either Gitcoin and the QF opportunities they provide or Optimism Foundation itself and the RetroPGF to GAP (Grantee Accountability Protocol)

We are very excited about this project and have helped the team at Karmahq during the Beta testing phase as part of our commitment to the Optimism network.

With the power of the Ethereum Attestation Station :station: you can place your information :information_source: onchain for Grant council review members or supporters of your project to see.

We had the honor to help Beta test this amazing new product & hope that many others will utilize both the Karmahq GAP & our Proof of Impact Thread :thread: here in the governance forums.

This helps to show transparency & accountability for your team members as well as displaying to the donors of your project how the progress is going in relation to the funds that are distributed to the development teams or other members of the project.

Beyond this amazing project we are also long time participants in the donation process of Gitcoin.

Soon we will be deploying our own Direct Grants & QF Program from the Fractal Visions ecosystem as a contribution to helping the Gitcoin ecosystem grow.

As for what we have done :white_check_mark: in 2023 since being accepted to the BETA round as our first core round experience has all been documented on Karmahq.

Here is the website.

Have fun :star_struck: making your grants Proof of Impact reports.
We will see you all in GG19 & S20 !