Popcorn DAO & Gitcoin airdrop + partnership

Hi all

Popcorn DAO (popcorn.network) is growing and looking to engage other similarly driven community members to amplify its social and environmental impact.

The Popcorn community is discussing a proposal to nominate Gitcoin as one of the communities to receive a $POP token airdrop (https://forum.popcorn.network/t/pop-airdrop-to-strategic-partners/637).

If approved, the Popcorn team would love to work with Gitcoin to promote and implement the airdrop.

We also welcome any interested Gitcoin community to join the Popcorn Discord and explore our common goals and how we could work together. Be sure to let us know you’ve come from Gitcoin.

About Popcorn

Popcorn is a carbon neutral DeFi network that funds social and environmental impact organisations via proceeds from curated yield-generating products (see popcorndao.finance)

We are also interested in other partnership opportunities that could further amplify the collective social and environmental impact of our two DAOs.



Hello and thanks you for starting this conversation. I personally am not very knowledgeable about Popcorn DAO, but I have heard your name mentioned by numerous people and at 1Hive TV.

Did the proposal pass? :slight_smile: