[PASSED] Gitcoin x libp2p for Easy RPGF


We propose a collaboration between Gitcoin and libp2p, starting with an Easy RPGF round focusing on empowering projects with significant impact across the libp2p ecosystem.

This initiative is underpinned by a shared commitment from Gitcoin and libp2p, each of which has received funding from Optimism RPGF. To support this round, we aim to utilize $25K of OP from Gitcoin, matched by $100K from libp2p, totaling $125K.

This collaboration seeks to

  • foster innovation and support for the libp2p ecosystem

  • demonstrate our alignment with Optimism’s vision by effectively using the funds received to contribute to the broader ecosystem.

  • drive forward towards the north star goal of GMV through Allo Protocol

Round Details

This strategic collaboration is designed to leverage Gitcoin’s community-driven funding platform and libp2p’s expertise in decentralized networking to support impactful projects. libp2p’s commitment to hosting this round and their enthusiasm for future collaborations with Gitcoin underscore the potential for this partnership to catalyze significant advancements within the decentralized web.


  • Strategic Support for libp2p Projects: Prioritize funding for projects critical to the libp2p ecosystem, emphasizing public goods or essential infrastructure advancements.

  • Fostering Innovation: Reward projects within the libp2p community and support efforts that advance decentralized networking.

  • Enhanced Community Engagement: Drive participation and engagement within the libp2p community, promoting a collaborative approach to funding and project development.

  • Increased Visibility and Alignment: Highlight the strategic use of Optimism RPGF funds to support the libp2p ecosystem. This demonstrates a commitment to leveraging these resources to benefit the broader community and align with Optimism’s objectives.

Funding Source and Structure

Funding Source: The funds for this round are not being requested from Gitcoin’s general matching pool but are specifically allocated from the funds received by Gitcoin and libp2p as part of the Optimism RPGF (optimism.gitcoin.eth). This allocation maximizes the RPGF’s impact by directly supporting projects that align with the shared goals of the broader Optimism Ecosystem.

Structure: We anticipate questions regarding why this initiative is not structured as a community round. To answer these concerns:

  1. This collaboration is a targeted effort to utilize Optimism RPGF funds in a way that aligns with Optimism’s vision and our commitment to supporting the libp2p ecosystem.

  2. These funds will be used for an EasyRPGF Round, not the traditional QF format seen with Community Rounds.

Community Approval Requested

In alignment with our transparency and community governance principles, we seek the Gitcoin community’s approval to allocate $25K worth of OP to this collaborative initiative with libp2p.

This proposal represents more than just a funding round; it is a testament to our shared vision with libp2p and our commitment to using our Optimism RPGF funds in a manner that aligns with the ecosystem’s broader goals.

We invite you to share your feedback and participate in the decision-making process. Your insights are invaluable as we aim to ensure our actions reflect our collective goals and values.

The vote will include the following options:

  1. Yes, allocate the funds to the partnership.

  2. No, do not allocate the funds.

  3. Abstain.

Your participation is crucial in guiding the direction of this initiative and shaping the future of public goods funding. Together, we can demonstrate the power of strategic collaboration and the impact of thoughtful fund allocation within the ecosystem.


@Sov thank you for this proposal. libp2p is excited to kick start our first Easy RPGF and partner with Gitcoin! The objectives you outlined is a great summary of what we hope to achieve. I hope this proposal is approved by the Gitcoin community!


Very excited to see this partnership coming to fruition. I will be voting in favor of this proposal.


I enthusiastically support this proposal and will be voting YES.

libp2p is a foundational public good for Ethereum and entire decentralized web.

Moreover, I love the idea of two communities pooling their own retro funding to provide retro funding further down the long tail.

This is a no brainer for me.

  1. Yes, allocate the funds to the partnership.

Very excited to see this partnership – tons of potential here. Will be voting in support

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A partnership with libp2p is a fantastic idea. I vote, Yes, allocate the funds to the partnership.


Hey @Sov This post has received the necessary approvals from stewards. Would you like to proceed to snapshot?


Yes, please. @CoachJonathan can you help to push to snapshot for vote?

Thanks all for the support here!

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I also love the idea of running rounds with their community and continuing to learn from early Easy RPGF experiments. I am supportive.


The snapshot vote is now live Snapshot

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Very excited to see this partnership coming to fruition.

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This snapshot has closed and option to “Yes, allocate the funds” has won.

1211 unique wallets voted
~5M GTC tokens cast.

Thank you to the author for the proposal and to all the GTC token delegates who cast their vote.