[PASSED] Delegate Gitcoin's RAD Tokens to Sov


This proposal seeks to delegate the voting power of the Gitcoin Treasury’s RAD tokens to @Sov, one of the current strategic leads of the Gitcoin Grants program. This delegation will empower Sov to effectively represent Gitcoin’s interests in governance decisions and support the RadWorks ecosystem through his expertise.


  • Strategic Alignment: Sov, as the strategic lead of the Grants program, possesses deep understanding of the program’s needs and priorities. Delegating voting power to Sov ensures that the Treasury’s voice in governance aligns with the best interests of the Grants program and its beneficiaries.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The delegation will be clearly documented and communicated to the Gitcoin community. Sov will be held accountable for exercising the voting power in a manner that aligns with the overall goals and values of the Gitcoin ecosystem.


  • Delegate the voting power of the Gitcoin Treasury’s 680.27K RAD tokens to Sov at eth address: sovereignsignal.eth
  • The delegation will be for a period of 1 year, subject to renewal
  • Sov will be responsible for exercising the voting power in a manner that aligns with the best interests of the Gitcoin Grants program and the Gitcoin ecosystem as a whole.
  • Sov will provide regular updates to the community on the use of the delegated voting power.

Voting options:

  • Yes, approve the delegation
  • No, reject the delegation
  • Abstain

I’m glad to see us taking an active stance in other ecosystems! I vote yes to approve the delegation.


I’ll abstain from the vote since this is targeting me as the delegate.

I would say that we have a deep history of working with the team at Radicle and I am excited (if approved) to participate in their governance and look at more opportunities for synergy across our organizations.

Thanks all for your consideration.

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Fantastic, def in favor of this! Looking forward to seeing what some of these initiatives produce for the teams and the ecosystem.

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While, I completely trust @Sov with this responsibility, the treasury hosts several gov tokens which can be used wisely to represent gitcoin’s interest in other DAOs. I suggest spending some time to outline an ambassador/metagov policy for this in the future.


We do have quite a few tokens but only a few of them in an amount worth going to the trouble of delegating. Once the RAD tokens are delegated the USD total of other tokens drops off significantly and I’m not sure those make sense to go to the trouble of delegation.

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I support the delegation, and look forward to a closer relationship with RAD.

I also like @jengajojo’s point about outlining a policy for future cases as well.


Happy to support this proposal.

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This proposal is now live on Snapshot

Fully in support of this proposal. I will be voting yes.


@Sov is one of the thought leaders in the grants space and has done an amazing job at Gitcoin, definitely in support of this proposal.

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This snapshot has closed and option to “Yes, approve the delegation” has won.

826 unique wallets voted
~4.9M GTC tokens cast.

Thank you to the author for the proposal and to all the GTC token delegates who cast their vote.