Official space for the community in Spanish to talk about their projects

I have been in two official spaces and in neither of them have I heard people speak in Spanish or have the help of the host to translate, this arises since some people, like me, do not master the English language.
In the previous round we had the valuable help of Carlos Melgar …


Estoy en tu situacion,encantado. Están haciendo un buen trabajo .

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Thanks for the suggestion and apologies for the late reply. This is something I hoped to encourage more of in previous rounds. That experience led to realizations that the official Gitcoin accounts are not the best suited for this. My initial inspiration was to encourage grantees to onboard more non English speaking projects and organizations in their region to grow the community through Impact Onboarding. Unfortunately, that’s not happening at the speed I hoped because it’s really difficult to accomplish.

One great alternative is to coordinate with other LatAm based projects for these spaces. This creates lots of value for everyone because it allows your communities to migrate to and from each other’s accounts. It’s also more impactful because we’re more aware of each other’s realities and the problems we are solving for. Spanish shilling doesn’t resonate well with the demographics on the Gitcoin channels because most don’t speak Spanish.

We’ve seen a huge uptick in LatAm based grantees. This growing regional representation allows for increased coordination and impact.

This is a great opportunity to tip my hat to @juanjgiraldoc who has used these rounds to become more fluent in English and a more confident public speaker with every round that passes.

You can also invite Gitcoin contributors to the spaces, I am very happy to participate and amplify any coordination efforts from grantees in emerging markets.

You and all other LatAm projects are always welcome to join the official spaces and I can make a better effort at being present to translate when needed.

Some regional leaders doing an excellent job at this include @hbesso31 @CryptoReuMD @juanjgiraldoc @meximalist and many more.


I think this time we had a great experience with the team of Let’s Grow and Gitcoin Radio, at least we managed to have 1 hour or two every day to talk in Spanish in all this channels. We are not as huge as the BanklessDAO account in followers to increase the network effect but we are doing a great job.
This experiment, was as good as we tought and we think that now we can be more organized and stratified to give voice to the incoming projects that are not as experienced as us for the next rounds.
Thanks for the mention, and i’m very happy to keep building and using all the apps that we have in the Gitcoin Stack :smiley:


Deberíamos de crear un espacio cada determinado tiempo sobre actualizaciones de este forum en materia de gobernanza de gitcoin en espanish, independiente de las “THE” Rounds :wink:


Me encanta esta idea - quizas la semana entrante podemos hacer un spaces? Yo estoy mas que disponible.


Mart - que bonito mensaje en Twitter bueno X). Gracias por tu gran compromiso y apoyo. Si no lo han visto - vayan a la cuenta de La Madriguera.


I can also support when we need “real time” interpretation. BTW - I just read the consider replying to several posts at once message. I will next time.


thanks a lot for the shoutout @carlosjmelgar

big kudos to you for helping us a lot along the way


Let’s start making noise!!
Me encanta todo lo que está construyendo la comunidad, algo que nos une a todos son los bienes públicos y que mejor unirnos por un mismo propósito y para dar a conocer Gitcoin en LATAM y en espacios de habla hispana, haremos lo mejor para que más proyectos de habla hispana se unan y poder tener un espacio en español.

Let’s GROW!!!