Need a mega thread for noob (non-dev)

A lots ppl here are non-dev, wish we could have an intro thread for ppl without tech backgroup.

For excample: how to use / steps / learning material / tools / multi-language thread.



TBH the best tool is to search for how Governance tokens operate, Gitcoin is a fork of UNI, which is a fork of COMP, and we use the GovernorAlpha.

Even as a non dev, its crucial to understand how these tools work, delegating your vote, etc.

Gitcoin has created a great onboarding for users through the delegate/claim process.

If you have specific things you are looking to learn, I would highly suggest joining the Gitcoin discord and also posting about what you want to learn into the Gitcoin town square.


I agree with you,it is good idea

Oh, it’s good. It’s good That’s a good idea

I agree im very new here and id love to contribute to gitcoin however possible