Moonshot Bot Gifting Program

Moonshot Bots,

How do we incentivize additional mints and strong secondary market sales for MSB, to maximize their usefulness as public goods funding tools?

The answer could be to expand the precedent @owocki already set by gifting MSB to well-known contributors and supporters of public goods - which has also proven to be great marketing.

This proposal is intended to make both MSB go-forward funding and the gifting program more sustainable (@owocki only has 1 left!)…

From the 10% secondary market fees - and all go forward mints - allocate 2.5% towards the purchase of lowest-priced Moonshot Bot on OpenSea.

MSB purchased is then gifted to a person/project that has meaningfully contributed to ethereum public goods development in any capacity.

Recipient to be selected as follows:

  • Any wallet holding 1 or more MSB may propose a nominee - 1 submission per wallet

  • Followed by community vote - 1 vote per MSB owned initially, but moving to quadratic voting

  • Any tie would result in a run-off vote

  • Voting process could be managed manually with Discord/Snapshot in short term and automated later

Further, there should be some “ceremony” when the MSB gift is bestowed - It is an honor. Likewise, new minters should be celebrated. This is nearly a $100k donation today, and only going up!

Alongside gifting - Propose to add a Past Recipients page to Moonshot Bot website with name, MSB received, date received, and brief summary of their contributions to public goods.

Likewise, a Donation Leaderboard page to recognize and rank the top 25 wallets by donation, which are likely recent minters or very active on secondary market.

Probably MSB given as gifts are not quickly sold… but even when sold they serve as a salary or ROI to a public goods contributor - still a good outcome!

In other words, the 2.5% allocation is still funding public goods indirectly, and remains aligned with original intent and purpose of MSB.

(not to mention 97.5% of mints and 7.5% of secondary fees still directly funding)

Importantly, these purchases should also bring value back to existing MSB holders, putting buy pressure on the secondary market, and eventually leading to new mints.

Some challenges remain:
Need to further detail what MSB gift ceremony involves.
Need administration of multisig wallet to deposit fees and conduct purchase.
Requires MSB website update & integration.

Following poll is to gauge MSB community support only.

I agree with allocating 2.5% of Moonshot Bots minting & secondary market revenue towards purchasing & gifting Moonshot Bots to public goods contributors.
  • Yes
  • Yes, but more than 2.5%
  • Yes, but less than 2.5%
  • No

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Curious what governance thinks of this proposal.

Here is some data on the performance of MSB’s since launch: Dune Analytics

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